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Hundred Waters – “Blanket Me”

Nicole Miglis’s vocal performance on “Blanket Me” is among the finest—if not the finest—of the year. Midway through the track, she enters a cyclical chant of the words “blanket me” that last for nearly two minutes. It’s a fascinating section of the song, where it’s almost impossible to tell if her vocals are looped or if each utterance of the phrase is live. It’s a chant that draws the listener into a trance, and even if her vocals are looped, each one sounds powerful—unique as if it’s the first time she’s ever sung the phrase. But even the opening moments of the song, when she’s sings “shame on you / shame on me,” seems to hit every note and emotion on the spectrum. It’s a performance that’s never eclipsed by the pristine sound production on the rest of the band.

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