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How to Split the Bachelorette Party Bill

D’Arcy Benincosa

Or volunteer to take the bill
If your credit limit can handle it, put your card down for all the group purchases. You’ll make it easier on yourself when it comes to splitting costs at the end of the trip. Instead of adding and dividing multiple cards, simply total your group charges, and divide by the number of responsible bridesmaids.

Bonus: maybe those airline miles will help cover some of the cost of your trip!

Keep a spreadsheet
Money is always a touchy subject. Requesting money from friends (and sometimes strangers) is even more difficult to navigate! Protect yourself from personality issues with as much transparency as possible. Share a Google doc with your group email including detailed descriptions of each cost and who’s responsible for paying it. As you commit to your Airbnb or order your matching “Bridesmaid” tank tops, add a line to the Google doc or an Excel spreadsheet and send an update to the group.

Then everyone will be able to see charges in real time – and there will be no surprises when it’s time to collect what people owe. At the end of the weekend, include each cost on a separate line, so you’re prepared for any questions.

Use tech support
Splitting the bachelorette bill doesn’t have to require a CPA. There are plenty of tech options to simplify the process! Venmo is probably the simplest solution. Since it’s linked to Facebook, finding people is super easy – and sending or requesting money takes two seconds. Bridesmaids can download the app and link any bank account or credit card. The best part: once you request payment, Venmo will remind people until they pay you. PayPal, online banking, and money transfer services are also helpful.

Tip: Tell partygoers on the front end if they need to download an app or sign up for PayPal or Venmo. It’ll streamline the process at the end of the trip.

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