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How to Get Free YouTube Subscribers (the Real Way)

Setting up a YouTube account is easy, but getting the skills for video editing or exposure can be a little trickier without information about how it all works. You could use some free subscribers on your Youtube channel so that it has a better chance of reaching the front of people’s eyes. However, these seven social media marketing strategies will help boost your channel any day of the week.

Strategies to Getting Free YouTube Subscribers: 

1. Ask Viewers to Subscribe

A way to help you increase your subscribers is to ask your viewers for it. The easy way to do this is through the YouTube website. On the homepage, there is an “Ask For Subscription” button in the sidebar that will prompt a popup where people can subscribe for free to your channel.

There are also many other ways on YouTube that you can do this, including: 

1) Through banners that show while they are streaming 

2) through channels with large followings 

3) through a player on your website 

If none of these options work, you could try emailing people and asking them to subscribe.

2. Brand your video thumbnails

Make sure that your YouTube video’s thumbnail is unique. Not just unique to you, but unique on its own. Google doesn’t like when people copy the thumbnails of other videos and we don’t either. It will help make sure if someone watches your video, they actually watch it instead of skipping to another one they like better.

The more unique your thumbnail is and the more it appeals to a target audience, the more likely they are to share your video.

why so many of your favorite youtube videos are secretly infomercials

Posting videos with strong thumbnails has shown increased popularity and effectiveness in generating free YouTube subscribers. 

With this in mind, it’s important to make sure you follow these steps to properly brand your thumbnail:

  • Provide clear information about what the content of the video is going to be before uploading. Make sure any relevant keywords or hashtags are included too!
  • Keep it eye-catching with an interesting background image from stock photos or find a high-quality photo that enhances your thumbnail.

3. Create Engaging Content

In order to get free YouTube subscribers, start by creating engaging new videos. Every video should be unique, informative, and interesting for the viewer.

This will not only gain you more subscribers but also give you a better chance of ranking on the YouTube search engine.

A good camera and lighting are essential for this sort of production so that the content is high quality enough to attract a following.

With better rankings, you’ll have more chances of viewers finding your video when they search for it!

4. Complete a Consistent Volume 

Content effectiveness can vary depending on how content creators present it and how often they present it (several videos each week or once every few weeks, for example). 

Newer content means more traffic and more chances for people to subscribe! Keep uploading new videos regularly in order to keep your channel active in viewers’ minds.

However, one thing we know for certain is that videos uploaded at consistent intervals get more views than those uploaded sporadically here and there.

5. Pick a Theme and Stick to It

YouTube is a popularity contest. One of the best ways to earn more subscribers on YouTube is to make sure that the interests of your channel match those of most people on YouTube. Do you do comedy? Comedy channels are usually popular. Do you review products or give makeup tutorials? Those can also be big winners in the popularity department since people are often interested in buying and watching tutorials about them.

6. Promote your channel on other apps

It’s a no-brainer that if you promote your YouTube channel on apps like Snapchat, Instagram, and so on, you will get more free subscribers to your YouTube channel. If you have a Facebook page, then promote there too to increase your YouTube subscribers. Those who choose not to use these apps can also subscribe via text message, via email subscription.

7. Run a contest 

The easiest way to get subscribers on YouTube is to run a contest. Think about what you have that people might want. Ideally, your prize should be something that’s at least somewhat related to the content of your channel–for example, a cooking channel could offer a set of pans or a set of knives.

Choose a prize that is meaningful to your audience, and urge people to subscribe and switch on notifications in order to participate.


In conclusion, it’s possible to reach a significant following without paying to do so. This is good because it means that you can make a name for yourself by providing something worthwhile on YouTube, even if you’ve never made money before. Avoiding YouTube ads can also help save you some money.

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