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Here Are Reasons Why Bitcoin Is The Most Popular Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is nothing but your virtual cash. The concept of Cryptocurrency was to implement an accessible and central involvement-free transaction system. In 2009, the original BitQL came to notice and shocked everyone with its offers. Satoshi Nakamoto is known to introduce bitcoin to the financial world.

Despite having the name Satoshi Nakamoto attached to bitcoin, the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto is still a mystery to the world. The concept of crypto was new to people, making them refuse to invest in it. However, during 2011-2012, bitcoin became a popular trading system because of its offers like decentralized systems and instant transactions.

In recent years bitcoin has gained more popularity than ever, and it has the highest market value, and the value is always on the rise. However, every investor needs to learn a basic understanding of Cryptocurrency before starting their trading journey. Especially for beginners, it is recommended to trade through a reliable platform that provides the most comfortable features.

When it comes to investing in Bitcoins, is known to be an ideal online trading platforms that everypro Bitcoin trader chooses to trade Bitcoins with.

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What Is Bitcoin? Everything To Know About

Bitcoin is a completely digital, decentralized form of cryptocurrency for investors to trade and make profits with. Among all the most popular form sof cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin ranks at the top of the list to date. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer trading technology like other Cryptocurrencies. However, it is a decentralized virtual asset.

There is no higher authority or central control on bitcoin. Government or central banks can never regulate bitcoin nor value it. Bitcoin is a software system with peer-to-peer software and cryptography. It allows buyers to make a transaction without disclosing their identity to the seller. However, all the data are collected in blocks or nodes. The technique of collecting data in blocks is called mining. The miners then collect all the transactions in the last ten minutes and secure the data in the blockchain.

In this way, the massive system keeps track of the transactions without violating someone’s privacy. Ever since Bitcoin gained immense popularity, people have been interested in investing in it regardless of the risk factors. However, the easiest way to understand Bitcoin is to have money in your wallet but virtually.

Bitcoin Vs. The Other Cryptocurrencies

When it comes to Cryptocurrency, the only name that a person can think of is a bitcoin. However, Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are not the same things. Apart from Bitcoins, the other form of cryptocurrencies are known as Altcoins. Since Bitcoin was introduced, several other cryptocurrencies have been immersed, but bitcoin is still the most popular among all cryptocurrencies. A new investor should understand the differences before choosing to trade one between Bitcoins and Altcoins. If you have a plan to invest in Cryptocurrency here is what you need to know about the two types of Cryptocurrencies.


  • Bitcoin

First comes at the list, the most popular form of cryptocurrency; Bitcoin. One of the main reasons for thepopularity among investors is its increased demand in the financial investment market. There are several online payment methods, but they are not hassle-free. The primary purpose of inventing bitcoin was to create an accessible online payment gateway. Being the first Cryptocurrency, bitcoin has a robust system that offers several things. For example, it is the first decentralized exchange system.

When the world was struggling with third-party control over the transaction, Satoshi Nakamoto introduced a system with no central control, which means the government or the banks have no Authorization to access the product or service. When it comes to Bitcoins, the traders get the facilities likes lower transaction fees and lighting-speed  transactions.

Bitcoin is peer-to-peer software that lets the buyer and seller deal without interference from other parties. Moreover, it does not ask for buyers’ identities during the transaction. Last but not least, bitcoin has the highest market value.

  • Altcoins

People see altcoins as weak cases. However, several investors like to invest in altcoins to attack the minor links of bitcoin. One of the many reasons other Cryptocurrencies are not as popular as bitcoin despite having the same peer-to-peer technology is the blockchain method in Bitcoin. Altcoins doesn’t provide the same security or the same potential high profit.


Investing in Bitcoin has more risks than investing in Altcoins. Although Bitcoin is quite a popular form of cryptocurrency, it can be quite challenging for users  to trade. In such cases, proper market research is required to make the most out of Bitcoin investment.

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