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Hayden Music Career Never Took Off

Back in her teenage years, Hayden dropped some tunes that would make Mickey Mouse blush. She even covered a few Disney tracks for their compilation album – what a boss move! But let’s not forget about her own pop songs, like “Wake Up Call.” And don’t even get me started on that music video straight out of the 2000s. It’s giving me all the feels!

But despite all that, Hayden wasn’t feeling her own music. She even admitted to Vulture in 2013 that “Wake Up Call” sounded too similar to Paris Hilton’s “Stars Are Blind.” Oopsie! And can you believe it? That actually put her off recording more songs. Talk about a bummer.

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But here’s the tea – her record label, Disney’s Hollywood Records, was still hyped for her album to drop in 2009. “Wake Up Call” was even promoted in ads by the clothing brand Candie’s. But even with all that buzz, Hayden’s music career didn’t quite take off like a rocket. It was more like a slow and steady climb.

However, that didn’t stop her from pursuing music altogether. Hayden’s got the heart of a rockstar, and she’s not letting anyone dim her spotlight. She may not have reached the musical heights we all thought she would, but hey, the girl’s still got talent. So let’s crank up the volume and give Hayden some love!

You know what else is impressive about Hayden’s musical journey? She didn’t let her lack of enthusiasm for her own music stop her from exploring other creative avenues. In fact, she went on to perform in musicals like “Avenue Q” and even sang in the hit TV show “Nashville” – proving that her vocal range and talent were not to be underestimated!

And let’s not forget that Hayden is a versatile performer. She’s not just a talented singer, but an actress as well. With roles in TV shows like “Heroes” and movies like “Remember the Titans,” Hayden’s star power and charisma are undeniable.

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So yeah, maybe Hayden’s music career didn’t skyrocket like some expected it to. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that she’s a multi-talented artist who’s been entertaining us since she was just a kid! Plus, who knows what the future holds? Maybe she’ll surprise us all with a new album that’ll blow our minds!

So let’s keep rocking to “Wake Up Call” and appreciate Hayden for all the amazing things she’s brought to the table. After all, life’s too short to not jam out to some good tunes and celebrate our favorite artists!

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why hayden panettieres short lived music career never took off

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