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Governor Uba Sani Paves the Way for Technological Innovation and Investment in Kaduna State

In a remarkable move to bolster technological innovation and attract investment in Kaduna State, Governor Uba Sani has recently signed several bills into law. The laws, which were announced by the Governor’s Chief Press Secretary, Muhammad Shehu Molash, aim to create a favorable environment for tech-enabled start-ups, streamline government initiatives, and foster economic growth and development in the state.

One of the key legislations signed by Governor Sani is the “Provisions for the Development of Tech-Enabled Start-Ups and Other Related Matters Law, 2023.” This groundbreaking law seeks to establish an ecosystem that nurtures the growth of start-ups in the state. It aims to create job opportunities, enhance production, promote innovation, and encourage trade.

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To ensure the effective implementation of this law and to oversee the development of digital innovation and entrepreneurship in the state, the Kaduna State Council for Digital Innovation and Entrepreneurship has been established. The distinguished Deputy Governor, Dr. Hadiza Sabuwa Balarabe, will chair the council, which will include representatives from relevant government departments.

Another significant legislation, the “Law to Repeal the Kaduna Investment Promotion Agency Law, No. 17 of 2015 and to Enact the Kaduna Investment Promotion Agency Law, 2023 and for Other Matters Connected Therewith,” was also signed by Governor Sani. This law aims to revamp and modernize the state’s investment promotion drive, providing a regulatory framework for investment promotion and introducing provisions for public-private partnerships.

Additionally, the Governor signed the “Law to Amend the Provisions Relating to Fines and Penalties in Laws of Kaduna State 2023.” This law amends fines and penalties in various existing laws to align them with current reforms and realities in the state.

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Under the “Law to Make Provisions for Public Health in the State and for Other Related Purposes 2023,” the state government aims to improve public safety, prevent diseases, and strive for a healthier population. The new law sets higher standards for areas such as food and safety, occupational health and safety, and introduces stricter sanctions for any violations.

Recognizing the importance of social security and the welfare of its citizens, the Kaduna State government also signed the “Law to Provide for a Social Security Scheme in the State and for Connected Matters 2023.” This law establishes a social safety net to combat poverty, assist the indigent population, and ensure affordable healthcare for all residents of the state. The scheme includes a contributory pension, contributory health, and social assistance program, overseen by a governing board.

Governor Uba Sani expressed his enthusiasm for the newly enacted laws, stressing their potential to unlock opportunities and lead Kaduna State towards technological advancement, economic growth, and improved healthcare. He highlighted the significance of public-private partnerships in driving progress and emphasized the government’s commitment to creating an enabling environment for businesses and entrepreneurs.

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With the signing of these laws, Kaduna State has taken a significant leap forward in its journey towards becoming a hub for technological innovation and a magnet for investment. The progressive mindset of the current administration, under the leadership of Governor Uba Sani, is evident as they strive to attract both local and international investors, create jobs, and foster sustainable economic development.

The implementation of these laws is a testament to Kaduna State’s commitment to positioning itself as a key player in Nigeria’s technological transformation. As the state embraces innovative ideas and sustainable growth strategies, it paves the way for a brighter, more prosperous future.

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