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Get your crush to notice you, 10 things you need to do

Being around your crush can be intimidating or even downright nerve-wracking! Right

Getting a crush on someone or falling for them is the easy part.

But getting them to notice you and making them fall for you?

Well, that’s definitely tricky.

The first step to securing a person’s love for you is to make them notice you. This is not an easy job, and it requires a great deal of bravery and perfect action. If you are curious about how to do it, here are the genius ways to make your crush notice you without talking to him:

That one guy you always caught staring at, the one with whom you always fall in love, but he never notices such things. It can be frustrating to be in love with someone who has never seen or notice you. But here, I will give you some tips and a sheer piece of advice to attract his or her attention easily, follow them, please!

Getting your crush to notice you

The thought of approaching your crush and revealing you like them may push your heart up to your mouth. But it’s still something you need to do. After all, it’s the only way out of the misery of one-sided love.

But then again, don’t just walk up to your crush out of the blue and tell them you like them. That may not always work either!

Most people make the big mistake of pouring their heart out to their crush without really planning it right. Love too, just like life, is all about building the right foundation. If you really want your crush to notice you and like you back, you need to plan your way into their heart.

  1. Love yourself

Before you get your crush to notice you, you have to notice yourself first! Love yourself. Be confident. A guy or a girl is much more likely to notice someone who loves him or herself and who is proud to be who you are. If you are already happy with your life, the guy or girl will want to be a big part of it. Don’t be desperate; that is the worst thing one can do ever. So, firstly, learn to love yourself unconditionally; don’t be too cautious about your looks, and don’t try to meet other’s beauty standards. Secondly, Love whatever you do; a guy will want to join you when it seems that you are fully content.

  1. Speak With Your Body Language

Body language is another form of communication. When you can’t be direct about how you feel and think about something, you can use body language as the medium. Speaking with your body language requires some confidence. You may be shy to speak up your feelings to the guy you have a crush on, but with body language, you have to do it confidently.

Boys love a confidant who acts as if she owns the world. Use your body language as a weapon to attract him or her. If he is sensitive in nature, he will get your signal. Not only does he/she get that you like him even more, but there will also be a chance for him/her to return the feeling. The positivity towards your action can actually attract him/her.

  1. Make Eye Contact

Eyes can speak a thousand words that lips cannot. Eye contact shows that you’re paying attention and care about what a person is saying. Eye contact is also a silent form of communication, so by using your eye contact, you can make him get the signal that you have a feeling towards him without allowing you to speak explicitly.

Please give him a glance or two, but a constant and intense one. If you want to make it subtle, do it casually but leave the sign that you do it only to him, not to other guys. Showing excitement through your eyes anytime you talk to him also can make him like you.

  1. Know and Be nice to his friends

Take an interest in his friends. This can help you learn more about your crush to help you determine whether you are truly compatible or not. It can also lead to increased interactions with your crush, which will make it more likely that they will notice you. Also, If his friends don’t like you, chances are they will influence the guy against you. So make sure you get to know them well and be open.  If you are too coward to get to know him by interacting with him directly, you can ask his friends instead. And being friends with him can make him see you as an easy-going person who is easy to work with. He will consider you as an interesting person and the potential to be a girlfriend of his.

15 signs your crush likes you

  1. Give Him Compliment

Make sure you do it as you mean it. Make him believe that you don’t make that up. Do it sincerely. Talk about your feelings. But make sure you don’t do it too much. He will think that you are trying so hard to impress him with your compliments. You can give him compliments when he needs it, for example, when he wins something or achieves something.

  1. Look approachable

Stressful and awkward situations bring out the worst in us. Do you stiffen up or act aloof when your crush enters the same room to pretend like you’re calm and composed? This may happen involuntarily, but don’t stiffen up or go quiet in front of your crush. Smile, be fun, and appear approachable. It’ll make your crush want to get to know a fun and happy person like you.

  1. Show off your kind side.

Don’t be cocky or arrogant while trying to catch your crush’s attention. Meanness is a trait both genders dislike to see in a prospective mate. If your crush assumes you’re mean, you will lose a big chance of dating them. Be helpful to people, and be friendly, especially when your crush is around.

  1. Touch incidentally

If you happen to sit next to your crush and your legs bump each other, pay attention to whether they jump away quickly or let their leg linger. If they let the touch continue, it’s possible that they are interested in you, so you might want to escalate the touch by casually letting tour arm touch theirs the next time you’re sitting close

sitting close

9. Be Yourself

This is the hardest part. If you try to follow every piece of advice you have ever heard about getting someone to notice you. You may find that you feel fake or overwhelmed. Showing your true self means you let him know the actual quality of yourself. Before you do the tips, you need to ask yourself first how much you want him to like you the way you are. Accept and love yourself, the good and the bad. When you are being accepted, you will find yourself deserved to be liked, just how much you like him. Lastly, treat your crush like you treat your friends, and the odds are good. They’ll pay attention to you eventually.

10. Ask him out

If things are going well, break the stereotype, and ask him out! The easiest way is to use your common interest as an excuse. Tell him that your favorite band is on the town or anything else. However, always be subtle, and don’t be too desperate.

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