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Former Fox News Producer Abby Grossberg Sues Tucker Carlson and Network for Alleged Sexism and Derogatory Comments in the Workplace

Fox News and Tucker Carlson are facing a lawsuit for alleged sexism and harassment in the workplace. Abby Grossberg, a former news producer for both Carlson’s show and Maria Bartiromo’s, filed a lawsuit claiming that she faced sexist behavior and derogatory comments from executive producers while working at Fox News.

The lawsuit, which was reported by Insider, alleges that other executive producers at the network referred to Bartiromo using derogatory terms such as “menopausal” and a “crazy b**ch.” Grossberg claims that when she joined Carlson’s team in 2022, she was surrounded by sexist behavior.

According to the lawsuit, Grossberg was “shocked to be greeted by many large and blown-up photographs of Nancy Pelosi in a plunging bathing suit revealing her cleavage.” Allegedly, the work environment was filled with misogyny as staffers openly debated which female guests were more “f***able.” Grossberg claimed that “no woman, whether she was a Republican politician or a female staffer at Fox News, was safe from suddenly becoming the target of sexist, demeaning comments, such as being called a ‘c**t.'”

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This is not the first time Carlson’s behavior towards women has been called into question. Media Matters, a progressive media watchdog, compiled a video of past comments made by Carlson about women, including describing them as “primitive” and “dogs,” among other things.

The lawsuit against Carlson and Fox News sheds light on a larger issue of sexism in the workplace, particularly in the media industry. Women in media have long faced gender-based discrimination, harassment, and marginalization, with few avenues for recourse. The #MeToo movement brought these issues to the forefront, but it remains a pervasive problem in many workplaces.

Sexism in the media industry is not just limited to Fox News. In recent years, high-profile cases have emerged involving other media organizations, including CBS, NBC, and the New York Times. The media industry has a responsibility to address these issues and create safe and inclusive work environments for all employees.

The lawsuit also highlights the importance of holding powerful individuals and organizations accountable for their actions. Carlson is a prominent figure in conservative media, with a significant following and influence. His behavior towards women has been documented for years, but little has been done to hold him accountable.

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The lawsuit against Carlson and Fox News represents a step towards accountability and justice for women who have faced sexism and harassment in the workplace. It is essential that these issues are taken seriously and that individuals and organizations are held responsible for their actions.

In response to the lawsuit, Carlson and Fox News have denied the allegations. A spokesperson for Fox News stated that the network “vehemently denies” the allegations and that they will “vigorously defend against this baseless lawsuit.”

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The outcome of the lawsuit remains to be seen, but it is clear that the issue of sexism in the workplace is not going away anytime soon. Women in media and other industries continue to face discrimination and harassment, and it is up to all of us to work toward creating a more equitable and just workplace for all.

what tucker carlsons on set behavior was reportedly like at fox news

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