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Former Deputy Governors Demand Inclusion in APC’s National Executive Committee


Abuja, Nigeria – In a bid to have their voices heard and their expertise recognized, the Forum of Former Deputy Governors has requested to be included as members of the National Executive Committee (NEC) of the All Progressives Congress (APC). The demand was made during a meeting with the party’s National Chairman, Abdullahi Ganduje, at the APC secretariat in Abuja.

Led by Chairman Chris Akomas, a former deputy governor of Abia State, the forum emphasized the importance of their experience and expertise in the decision-making processes of the party. Akomas, who currently serves as the Federal Commissioner representing Abia State at the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission in Abuja, highlighted the forum’s commitment to the unity, progress, and stability of the country.


Expressing their gratitude to President Tinubu for appointing some of them to federal positions in his administration, the forum acknowledged the recognition of their capabilities. They believe that their inclusion in the NEC would further enhance the party’s ability to make informed decisions and navigate the complex political landscape of Nigeria.

In response, Ganduje acknowledged the significance of the deputy governor’s role, which has often been a subject of controversy in Nigerian politics. He attributed most of the problems between governors and their deputies to the influence of sycophants within the corridors of power, describing the situation as unfortunate. Ganduje’s remarks indicate his understanding of the challenges faced by deputy governors and the need for their voices to be heard within the party.

The demand from the Forum of Former Deputy Governors comes at a crucial time for the APC, as the party seeks to strengthen its internal structures and prepare for upcoming elections. Including experienced politicians who have previously served as deputy governors in the NEC would provide a valuable perspective and contribute to the party’s decision-making processes.

With their vast knowledge of governance and understanding of the intricacies of Nigerian politics, former deputy governors can offer unique insights and help shape the party’s policies and strategies. Their inclusion would also be a step towards promoting inclusivity and recognizing the contributions of individuals who have held important positions in the past.

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the demand by the Forum of Former Deputy Governors to be included in the APC’s National Executive Committee highlights the need for inclusivity and the recognition of experienced politicians in decision-making processes. As the party considers this request, it is crucial to acknowledge the valuable insights and expertise that former deputy governors can bring to the table. This development is likely to shape the future of the APC and contribute to the party’s overall success in the political landscape of Nigeria.



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