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Former Aides Launch Super PAC Affiliated with Congressional Black Caucus to Mobilize Black Voters for Democrats in 2024 Election

In a groundbreaking move, former aides to members of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) have unveiled the Rolling Sea Action Fund, the first-ever super PAC affiliated with the caucus’s political action committee. This new organization aims to become a powerful force in the upcoming 2024 election, focused on mobilizing Black voters to help Democrats regain control of the House of Representatives. With plans to spend over $10 million on TV and digital ads, field organizing, and grassroots engagement, the Rolling Sea Action Fund is set to make a significant impact.

Led by Niccara Campbell-Wallace, former political director of the CBC PAC, the Rolling Sea Action Fund seeks to address the lack of a centralized, year-round effort to empower and mobilize Black voters in America. Campbell-Wallace emphasizes the importance of engaging Black voters, ensuring they are aware of their voting rights, and protecting democracy. The group’s ultimate goal is to assist in taking back the House of Representatives.

Besides supporting swing seats where Black voters make up 8% or more of the electorate, the Rolling Sea Action Fund also pledges to defend members of the Congressional Black Caucus in safe seats facing primary challenges. This commitment further underscores the importance of the House of Representatives, particularly considering that all current CBC members are Black Democratic lawmakers. If Democrats regain control of the House, House Democratic Leader Hakeem Jeffries could become the first Black speaker of the House in history.

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Super PACs operate independently of candidates and campaigns, allowing them to raise and spend unlimited sums during elections. The Rolling Sea Action Fund’s efforts will complement those of the House Majority PAC (HMP), the primary super PAC for House Democrats. However, the Rolling Sea Action Fund will exclusively focus on mobilizing Black voters, setting it apart from other Democrat-aligned super PACs.

Notably, the Rolling Sea Action Fund is not simply addressing a lack of Black voter engagement but rather aims to build upon existing efforts and establish a permanent fixture for Black outreach within the Democratic Party ecosystem. Campbell-Wallace emphasizes the importance of always-on engagement, actively listening to community members, and ensuring that the organization truly understands and supports the needs of Black voters.

Members of the CBC have expressed concerns in the past over what they perceive as the national Democratic Party taking Black voters for granted, despite being the party’s most reliable voting bloc. Ahead of the 2020 election, lawmakers pointed out the lack of Black staff members in leadership positions at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. Advocacy from the CBC, together with Latino lawmakers, prompted significant personnel changes and vendor diversification within the Democratic Party.

This election cycle, some Black activists and voters have voiced frustration with President Joe Biden’s perceived lack of progress on important priorities for the Black community. Biden’s failure to pass voting rights legislation, criminal justice reform, or expansive student debt relief has disappointed several Black voters. Campbell-Wallace acknowledges this frustration but attributes much of the blame to Republican obstructionism and the passage of restrictive voting laws at the state level.

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To energize not only Black voters but all voters, Campbell-Wallace argues that Democrats must do a better job highlighting their achievements while in unified party control in 2021 and 2022. This includes passing an infrastructure bill, capping insulin costs for seniors, and presiding over an economy with historically low unemployment. Additionally, she emphasizes the importance of standing up to a conservative Supreme Court that threatens the progress made in the country. Campbell-Wallace urges Democrats to be more assertive in selling their good news and proudly promoting their achievements.

The creation of the Rolling Sea Action Fund marks a significant milestone in efforts to empower and mobilize Black voters within the Democratic Party. With a dedicated focus on swing seats and an unwavering commitment to engaging with and listening to Black voters, this super PAC aims to play a pivotal role in the 2024 election. As the Democratic Party seeks to reclaim the House of Representatives, the Rolling Sea Action Fund’s efforts take on added significance, potentially reshaping the political landscape and making history along the way.

By establishing the Rolling Sea Action Fund, former aides to the Congressional Black Caucus are taking a proactive approach to mobilizing Black voters and ensuring their voices are heard in the political process. The significance of this effort cannot be understated, as Black voters have long been a crucial voting bloc for the Democratic Party. Their support has played a pivotal role in electing Democratic candidates and advancing progressive policies.

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The Rolling Sea Action Fund’s emphasis on engaging Black voters is particularly timely, given the numerous challenges and threats to voting rights that have emerged in recent years. From the wave of restrictive voting laws passed by Republican-led state legislatures to the Supreme Court’s weakening of the Voting Rights Act, Black voters face significant obstacles to exercising their right to vote. The Rolling Sea Action Fund aims to counter these challenges by providing resources, information, and support to ensure that Black voters are equipped to participate fully in the democratic process.

In addition to its focus on mobilizing Black voters, the Rolling Sea Action Fund’s commitment to defending members of the Congressional Black Caucus facing primary challenges is a crucial aspect of its mission. By supporting these incumbents, the fund aims to protect the gains made by Black lawmakers and ensure that their voices continue to be represented in Congress. This commitment also underscores the fund’s dedication to diversity and inclusion within the Democratic Party, as it recognizes the importance of supporting Black candidates and elected officials.

The creation of the Rolling Sea Action Fund reflects a broader recognition within the Democratic Party of the need to prioritize and invest in Black voter engagement. It is a response to the calls for increased representation, accountability, and action from the Black community. By establishing this super PAC, the former aides are taking matters into their own hands and creating a platform that will amplify the voices and concerns of Black voters.

Furthermore, the Rolling Sea Action Fund’s efforts align with the broader goals of the Democratic Party, which seeks to address systemic inequalities, promote social justice, and advance policies that benefit working-class Americans. The fund’s commitment to selling the party’s achievements and promoting its agenda is a necessary step in countering the false narratives and misinformation that often dominate political discourse. By being more assertive and proactive in communicating their successes, Democrats can better connect with voters and build support for their policies.

As the 2024 election approaches, the Rolling Sea Action Fund’s impact on mobilizing Black voters and supporting Democratic candidates in swing seats will be closely watched. Its efforts have the potential to shape the outcome of key races and contribute to the party’s overall success in regaining control of the House of Representatives. Moreover, the fund’s work in engaging and empowering Black voters will have long-lasting effects, strengthening the democratic process and ensuring that the voices of marginalized communities are heard and represented.

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In conclusion, the establishment of the Rolling Sea Action Fund marks a significant milestone in efforts to mobilize and empower Black voters within the Democratic Party. By focusing on swing seats and defending incumbent members of the Congressional Black Caucus, the fund aims to make a tangible impact on the 2024 election and beyond. Its commitment to amplifying the voices of Black voters and promoting the party’s achievements will play a crucial role in shaping the future of American politics.

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