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Everything to Know About a Possible ‘Scrubs’ Revival: Cast Comments, More

everything to know about a possible scrubs revival cast comments more

They’re all in! More than a decade after wrapping up their time on Scrubs, the cast continues to be invested in a return.

In June 2022, the cast and crew reunited at an ATX festival panel to discuss the legacy of the series. Creator and showrunner Bill Lawrence was joined by Zach Braff, Donald Faison, Sarah Chalke, John C. McGinley, Judy Reyes and Neil Flynn as they reflected on their time filming the comedy show about employees at a hospital.

The series ran for nine seasons from 2001 to 2010. After debuting on NBC, Scrubs later moved to ABC for its two final installments. For the cast, the idea of coming back to reprise their roles has been on everyone’s mind over the years.

“I think we all want it. We all would love to work together again. It’s just that it’s really hard,” Faison, who played Turk, explained during the panel. “It can’t be a full season of a show — it would have to be a movie or something like that, where you could only give a couple of months to it. Everyone is doing things.”

At the time, the group also praised Faison and Braff’s podcast “Fake Doctors, Real Friends with Zach and Donald” which was inspired by their time on the show. “Because of that podcast, my kids started watching Scrubs,” Reyes who portrayed Carla Espinosa, Turk’s wife, shared. She joked that her children enjoy scenes with her coworkers the most.

The podcast, which premiered in March 2020, followed Faison and Braff — who starred as J.D. — as they rewatched episodes of the show and shared behind-the-scenes details.

“We can just kind of go wherever we want. Sometimes we end up talking about the episode more, sometimes we barely do. When we started, I don’t think we knew what It was gonna be, but as it’s become more and more popular, we were just like, ‘Well, let’s not fix anything that’s not broken,’” the New Jersey native told E! News in September 2020 about the project. “Let’s just keep doing what people are responding to, which is basically just the four of us sitting around shooting the s—t.”

Braff added: “I think one of the reasons this is working is that I think people are really isolated right now. And this is like a little mini silly club, and it’s free.”

Faison, for his part, pointed out that his favorite part of looking back is remembering what was going on at the time.

“We have some people come on that want to ask straight up about certain scenes and certain episodes, but it’s always fun to have somebody that wants to know what we were doing while making the show,” the Clueless star added. “To take what Will Smith says in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, our lives got flipped, turned upside down by the show at this point. By this moment in season two, we were a bona fide hit. We were very young, like 26, 27, and it was very easy to get caught up in what Hollywood was. It’s really interesting and a lot more fun to answer those questions.”

Scroll down for all the hints about a potential Scrubs revival:

Everything to Know About the Possible Scrubs Revival3Everything to Know About the Possible Scrubs Revival2Everything to Know About the Possible ‘Scrubs RevivalEverything to Know About the Possible Scrubs Revival5

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