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Elder brother of banker killed over dented car in Port Harcourt speaks to LIB

Yesterday, Joseph Udoh, the man who has been accused of killing 28 year old banker, Pashcal Chukwuemeka Nnorom, over a dented car in Port Harcourt Rivers state on May 13th, spoke to LIB to state his own side of the story.
In the interview, Joseph alleged he was not aware that he scratched the car of the banker and that he thought the deceased was an armed robber when he came up to confront him (Read here

Now Chibuzor Nnorom who is the elder brother of the deceased, has reached out to LIB to state the family’s side of the story.

Mr Nnorom refuted claims by the accused that his deceased brother was a member of the secret cult, Ogboni. Chibuzor has accused the police of compromising. According to him, the case has now been turned into a traffic offence instead of a murder case. Read what he told LIB today after the cut
“On the 13th of May, Pashcal my junior brother left his house in Port Harcourt to attend the wedding of one of his colleagues who is also a staff of Union bank in Eleme. On getting to Aba road in Oyeme bus stop, precisely at MTN, his car which is a red Honda CRV, was scratched by somebody in a Toyota Camry. He stopped and the other road user stopped. He accosted the guy and said Look at what you have done. The Toyota Camry driver didn’t come down  from his car. The wife of my brother, Priscilla Nnorom is a life witness amongst two other witness that were so pathetic on the matter that came up to the police station. My late bother accosted the guy and said look at what you have done to my car. The guy looked at him, moved on with his car, slammed him on the media which is the partition used to divide expressway. My brother landed with his back breaking his spinal cord, his wrist and his two legs and died. The accused attempted to run away but the canopy makers who were around there, grabbed him and tried to lynch him until one inspector Felix Onigbo who is a police man at Elelewon police station came into the scene and dragged the guy to the police station. My brother was taken to two hospitals before he died at the University of Port Harcourt Teaching Hospital. As at today, his corpse is in the morgue. I personally was embarrassed by the interview granted to LIB alleging that my 28 year old brother is an Ogboni member. A boy who has been a banker for the past seven years. The accused also alleged that he thought my brother was an armed robber.  How can somebody on jeep of 2005 model with his wife, come down to rob Camry 1995 model in broad day light. My brother never had a stick, never had a gun nor a machete”
Continuing he said “I am also worried that the DPO and IPO at Elelewon police station have compromised because they even I got to the station, the IPO said the DPO is looking at the case as a Traffic offence. When somebody has committed a murder? They took the man to Elelewon magistrate court, granted him bail last week Wednesday. The man is parading himself freely as if he killed a fowl. My brother was a banker. I am disappointed because the police compromised, giving Joseph Udoh the audacity to insult my family. How can he kill a young man that wedded last year and decide that we should negotiate for settlement? Is that it is done? I am only pleading that justice take the course. Nigeria has a law. Let them interpret the law for us. If justice says let him go, I have no problem. If justice is that he should suffer for his crime to deter people of his character, mindset and wickedness from carrying out wicked acts, so be it. I felt so bad that he can allege that the family is chasing him. I don’t know who he is. I don’t want to see him and would not like to set my eyes on him. How can my family be chasing him? I would go and chase an artisan? My own is that Joseph Udoh committed murder. Joseph Udoh will pay for damaging my family image. I am a banker for 17 years. How can he say the family is after him. Do I know him? What I want is that the Nigerian law should take its course. Let the judiciary and the police not compromise. Let them look at the matter and interpret it as it applies to the Nigerian law. That is all my family demands. My mother is an aged woman who has lost her last child out of 9 siblings. The last child is the first to die. I am a Knight of the Catholic church. I cannot go out for revenge. Revenge belongs to God but we worship a God of justice. We are only begging that let the world hear our voice and we are seeking for justice. that is all”
He frowned at the Elelewon magistrate court for granting the suspect bail
“Murder case is not  bailable until it is tried by a court of competent jurisdiction and the court decides as the court pleases and if I am not satisfied, I will move to an appeal court. I am a Nigerian citizen, a law abiding one. Murder is not bailable. The IPO is blabbing that they are looking at it as traffic offence. Traffic offence on what? That my brother parked his car, went to the man who scratched him and then pulled him and zoomed off and slammed him on the media that divides the expressway. He broke his spinal cord, his ribs, two legs. He died! and they are looking at it as traffic offence. And the guy is claiming he thought he is an armed robber.  His interview with LIB is not logical.You didn’t see wood, you didn’t see gun but you thought he is an armed robber? By tomorrow I am going to drop my family petition to the law enforcement agent. It is not traffic offence. It is not an accident. It is the willful murder of my younger brother. He is saying let us come and settle. How can you pacify me. I have not eaten or gone to work in the last 14 days. My mother and sister in-law have been in the hospital because of how tragic the incident is. How can you kill my brother and then come back to beg me? Let him come back with my brother. There is nothing like settle. Let me kill his brother and pay them N20 million! Let me kill his brother and let me pay them N50 million. I am ready. We want to move to court. Let a court of competent jurisdiction try my case and free him or pronounce him guilty. As per coming to negotiate, what will he give me that will make my brother come back to life?”.

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