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Edda LG Chairman Urges Peaceful Conduct Ahead of Ebonyi South Senatorial Bye-Election

The Chairman of Edda local government area of Ebonyi State, Chima Ekuma Nkama, has emphasized the importance of peaceful conduct and adherence to electoral regulations for candidates participating in the upcoming Ebonyi south senatorial zone bye-election. In a statement to the press in Abakaliki, Nkama urged all political parties to prioritize non-violence and respect the rules governing the bye-election, which is set to take place across five LGAs: Ohaozara, Onicha, Ivo, Afikpo North, and Edda LGA.

Nkama stressed that the bye-election should not be approached as a do-or-die affair, emphasizing the need for a peaceful and fair electoral process. He highlighted the previous agreement among stakeholders to uphold the principles of non-violence and fair play in the election.

“In the APC, a consensus was reached, and everybody accepted the candidate, and so, there should be no problem to be entertained in the bye-election,” Nkama stated. He also underscored the importance of selecting candidates who are widely accepted by the people of Ebonyi south senatorial zone and reiterated the commitment to upholding the principles of democracy and good governance.

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Furthermore, Nkama expressed his disapproval of individuals who had previously contested elections in 2023 and failed, yet still aimed to participate in the upcoming bye-election. He emphasized that the community would not support candidates who had previously performed poorly in elections, emphasizing the community’s dedication to the development and progress of Edda LGA.

The upcoming bye-election has generated significant interest and attention from the public, as it represents a crucial moment for the political landscape in Ebonyi State. With the stakes high and the expectations of the electorate palpable, the call for peaceful and fair conduct from leaders like Nkama is essential in ensuring a smooth and credible electoral process.

In recent years, Nigeria has witnessed instances of electoral violence and malpractice, which have marred the democratic process and eroded public trust in the electoral system. Therefore, Nkama’s emphasis on non-violence and adherence to electoral regulations serves as a timely reminder of the need for responsible and ethical conduct among political actors.

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As the bye-election approaches, the spotlight is on the candidates and political parties to demonstrate a commitment to peaceful and fair campaigning, as well as a dedication to the welfare and progress of the constituents in Ebonyi south senatorial zone.

In a broader context, the message of non-violence and adherence to electoral regulations resonates with the broader principles of democracy and good governance. By prioritizing peaceful conduct and fair play, political leaders and candidates can set a positive example for the electorate and contribute to building a culture of responsible and ethical political engagement.

As the political landscape in Ebonyi State continues to evolve, the conduct of the upcoming bye-election will undoubtedly shape the perceptions and expectations of the electorate. Therefore, the call for peaceful conduct and adherence to electoral regulations from leaders like Nkama is not only a reflection of his commitment to good governance but also a demonstration of leadership in promoting responsible and ethical political behavior.

In conclusion, Nkama’s emphasis on peaceful conduct and adherence to electoral regulations ahead of the Ebonyi south senatorial bye-election serves as a crucial reminder of the importance of upholding democratic principles and fostering a culture of responsible political engagement. As the electoral process unfolds, the commitment to non-violence and fair play will be essential in ensuring a credible and transparent election that reflects the will of the people.

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