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Donald Trump compares himself to the Mona Lisa in new interview

Former US President Donald Trump has compared himself to the Mona Lisa in a new interview with the Welsh channel, S4C, suggesting he is like the priceless masterpiece that hangs in the Louvre Museum in Paris because so many of his supporters keep coming back to see him at rallies.

Speaking to journalist Maxine Hughes as part of a documentary entitled “Trump: Extreme World,” which will be broadcast on S4C on June 11, the former President also compared his campaign events to a Broadway play, stating that his supporters will see it 20 times.

Trump admitted that he limits his talking points, frequently talking about the same 20 subjects such as the border, the military, low taxes, and certain issues. He also mentioned some of his followers are rock band enthusiasts who listen to the same songs repeatedly.

“I can’t just make new things up because I want to make a speech. I can tell them in different ways, and I do sometimes do that, a lot of times. But they just want to hear it again and again,” he said.

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Although the former President has been out of office for a while now, his speeches continue to attract many supporters who are curious to hear him talk about his views on various national issues. Trump rallies continue to generate excitement, with many people attending just to see and hear the former Commander-in-Chief.

Trump’s comparison to the Mona Lisa, a painting widely regarded as timeless with a sense of artistry that transcends time and place, has drawn mixed reactions from the public. While some propose that Trump shares the Mona Lisa’s mystique and appeal, others express doubts.

It is not the first time that Trump has made such grand statements. During his tenure as the POTUS, he often referred to himself with different titles such as “the chosen one” and “the greatest president in US history.” However, his claim to be akin to the Mona Lisa has attracted more attention because of the painting’s significance.

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The former President’s comparison to Leonardo da Vinci’s legendary work has ignited much debate among scholars and art enthusiasts. The Mona Lisa is regarded as an icon of Renaissance art and one of the most famous works in the world, attracting millions of visitors every year. While Trump’s followers may be fascinated by his speeches and his unique way of presenting his views, it is hard to rank them alongside the Mona Lisa’s appeal.

Nevertheless, Trump has remained undeterred by his critics and enjoys speaking to his supporters, keeping his talking points focused on the same issues as before. While some skeptics may not believe in his self-proclaimed resemblance to the great work of art, he remains steadfast in his beliefs.

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It is up to the audience to decide whether Donald Trump’s claims about his appeal are justified or not. Still, one thing remains clear: his speeches have attracted a lot of individuals worldwide, and it’s evident that his words continue to resonate with his supporters despite his exit from the White House.

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