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Do You Have a Marriage Mission Statement? Tell Me What it is to Win!

Do you have a marriage mission statement–or a family mission statement?

We’re all part of one body, but we’re all different parts. And so our marriages will be uniquely different! Have you ever thought about that? What is unique about your marriage? What values do you and your husband hold dear? What are your goals?

I’ve read some awesome posts about it recently, and been challenged to think again about my goals.

But I don’t have time to write a major post today, because MY MOM AND I ARE HITTING THE ROAD! We’re making the 11 hour drive to the Chicago suburbs today to go the Stitches knitting conference (yes, there is such a thing as a knitting conference). We’ll be there until Sunday, and I am so excited! I’m excited to spend so much time one on one with my mom. I’m excited to get away from the computer and enjoy some downtime. I’m excited to knit!


Mom and I at the Toronto Knitters’ Frolic in April 2015!

We do love to knit everywhere!


Mom and I knitting at the airport before our cruise last summer!

And so I thought about these two things–marriage mission statements and me loving knitting.

And I thought of something kind of fun!

I’m going to challenge all of you to write a marriage mission statement. And then I’m going to do a draw where one of you will win a scarf I’ve knit!

Here’s my scarf:

Sheilas Scarf

Here’s the scarf you can win!

And here’s how you can win!

I want you all to craft either a marriage mission statement, a set of goals, or a set of family rules. I’m a big believer in being deliberate about things, because I believe that when we think about things and set goals, we’re more likely to grow in our walk with God and in our relationships.

But I don’t care how you do that–whatever works for you!

So the rules are going to be easy.

I’ve got three different ways of thinking of mission statements. Lauren from Sombremesa Stories has a great post on how to think through your values and turn them into a work of art.

Creating Our Marriage Mission Statement

Tara from Feels Like Home has an awesome post on how to figure out what your family rules are–and then a tutorial for how to create a beautiful wall hanging depicting them:

Our Family Rules Tutorial

Dr. Ann has guest posted on Michael Hyatt’s site to talk about how to think through your main goals as a wife.

Does Your Marriage Have a Mission Statement?

And then my friend Lisa and her husband Kelly created “family rules” that they have hung on their wall.

Family Rules to Put on Your Wall

I don’t care which version you choose–whether it’s pithy, like sombremesa sisters; goal oriented, like Dr. Ann; or a list of values, like Lisa or Tara. I just encourage you to think it through and be deliberate!

And then leave a comment to tell me what your mission statement or values are. Even leave a link to a picture of it on Pinterest or on your own blog or somewhere online, if you can, just to inspire us (but that’s not necessary if you don’t have an image!).

When my mom and I get back from Chicago on Monday, I’ll do a draw from the comments and someone will win the scarf.

I’d love to hear your marriage mission statements! And I hope you love my knitting!

Let’s hear it in the comments! What’s your marriage mission statement or family rules? Even if they’re works in progress, share it with us and we can help flesh them out!

PS: I really do love knitting! And it’s a huge part of our identity as a family. I have two dresses and a lovely top that my great-grandmother knit.

One day I want to write a novel about my grandmother’s life. I don’t know all it will say, but I know the two opening sentences:

Anyone who knew my grandmother knew that she knit. But you didn’t really know my grandmother until you know why she knit.

What do you think?

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