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Did Jennifer Lopez Keep Her Engagement Ring?

Jennifer Lopez Oh, boy! Ben Affleck is totally obsessed with colorful diamonds! He’s like a magpie, but instead of shiny objects, he swoons over sparkly gems. The first time he proposed to Jennifer Lopez, he went all out and got her a $2.5 million pink diamond from Harry Winston. It was so unique and stunning that other celebrities started copying him and proposing with pink rings too! Even Barbara Streisand was impressed and wanted to take a closer look.

At an Oscar party, J-Lo met Barbara and showed off her flashy ring. Barbara was like, “Whoa, can I see that bling?” J-Lo was happy to oblige and let her check it out. During the same interview, J-Lo spilled the beans that she absolutely adored the ring, but she didn’t mention if she returned it after they broke up.

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Rumor has it that J-Lo planned on quietly returning the ring after their split. A source close to her spilled the beans to ABC News, saying that she wanted to do it for closure. It’s like the death certificate of their relationship, you know? But hold up, J-Lo’s former publicist said something totally different in 2021. He claimed that J-Lo never returned the ring and still has it to this day! If she and Ben get back together, she’s already got the most gorgeous ring in the game. Fair point, indeed!

It’s clear that Ben Affleck has an eye for unique and eye-catching jewelry. Maybe he should consider a career as a jewelry designer. Who wouldn’t want a piece of bling from Ben

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But let’s not forget about J-Lo, who has been known to rock some serious jewelry herself. In fact, she’s even designed her own jewelry line! Maybe Ben and J-Lo should team up and create a line of dazzling jewels together.

In the meantime, we’ll just have to wait and see if J-Lo ever decides to return the pink diamond ring. Who knows, maybe she’ll surprise us all and incorporate it into her own jewelry line. One thing’s for sure, it’s a ring that will never go out of style.

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did jennifer lopez keep her first engagement ring from ben affleck

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