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Cryptocurrency: Top Cities and Countries of Highest usage of Bitcoin

Developments in Bitcoin’s continuous tale and its numerous competitors and copycats in the world cryptocurrency $2.22 trillion appear to have never stopped. Nevertheless, just a tiny proportion of Americans have practical and personal experience. Only a one-digit percentage of U.S. residents – like in so many other affluent, solid, and developed countries – owned or utilized bitcoin in 2020. All around the world, though, it catches on considerably faster. They claim crypto is unlimited. And if you trade or get Bitcoin as payment for a job, it is. For more accurate and precise information, visit the bitcoin trading


Japan is highly pro-crypt in the community, as cryptocurrencies are a valid form of payment among several nations. As a result, many BTCs are selling in government, with many preferring to hold them for high return potential for investment. The crypto exchanges in the nation have substantial transaction activity. The country also boasts one of the world’s most effective regulatory systems for blockchain technology and virtual currencies. Discussions intended to begin functioning in the nation must have a required license granted by the country’s regulatory authority, the Financial Services Agency (FSA). Now numerous companies want to set up in the nation and are waiting for FSA regulatory permission.

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South Korea

It is another Asian country that affects the scene of Bitcoin. With the Chinese government’s unfavourable attitude to crypto trading, many neighbouring South Korea have shifted their trading activities. With its tendency and technology skills, the country currently hosts a wealth of exchanges and crypto-companies that address a populace with increased interest in trade and the use of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin is also traded and held by the significant cryptos here. Although the government of South Korea did not take concrete actions on the bitcoin market, many firms wish to develop and give new services to the cryptocurrency sector. One is Kakao, the country’s most popular message application. In the future, Kakao might incorporate other crypto-related services with its message application. Moreover, following the U.S. dollar and Japanese Yen, South Korea accounts for about 10 per cent of all BTC exchanges worldwide.


Bitcoin has a solid Canadian community that has taken regulatory measures to adopt virtual money. Vancouver is home to the dead cryptocurrency exchange QuadrigaCX, which, upon the supposed death of its founder, lost C$180 million in customer money. Bitcoin residents can buy at around 40 ATMs. In reality, the first bitcoin ATM in the world started operations at the Waves Coffee House in Vancouver city centre on 29 October 2003. The city has more than 631,000 inhabitants.

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The tiny Mediterranean island country has long been a welcoming face for crypto investors. Many crypto exchanges and blockchain initiatives are made friendly by the government. After Hong Kong strengthened its rules and sent the business searching for friendly jurisdictions, the nation welcomed Binance. Malta makes strategic sense for crypto-focused firms as well, for several other reasons. Malta is a European Union member. It implies that crypto projects headquartered in Malta can operate freely across the whole of the European Union.


The permissive approach of the country to regulate cryptography has not gone unnoticed. An intergovernmental policy-making group with 39 member nations, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), expresses its worry about Malta. There were no claims or even suspicions that they used it for unlawful reasons. It remains to be whether additional regulation is implementing on the tiny Mediterranean island. Meanwhile, affluent crypto-investors from non-EU nations will continue to evaluate the proposal for EUR 1.5 million ($1.78 million).


Cyprus has recognition for its laissez-faire stance towards cryptocurrencies, especially bitcoin. While bitcoin is not yet regulated, the country is looking like this. The Central Bank of Cyprus is concerned about losses and published formal recommendations on crypto-risk in 2014. By its goal to safeguard the safety of investors inside regulated firms, the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission has created an Innovation Hub enabling companies to share information. But overall, things remain pretty open to cryptography in Cyprus. ICOs (first coin offerings) are the only field of cryptography that now clearly has jurisdiction in Cyprus. ICO funds are in Cyprus as taxable income. At the same time, Cyprus has an attractive corporation tax rate of 12.5 per cent.

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The Bermuda Digital Asset Business Act 2018 sets out a scheme to regulate individuals and entities who undertake to issue, sell and redeem cryptocurrency and other digital assets. It truly works as a kind of magnet for persons and enterprises as one of the first digital business regimes.

We may look at Bitcoin ETFs as an illustration of Bermuda’s crypto-friendly nature (exchange-traded funds). In late 2020, following years of fruitless attempts to create a Bitcoin ETF in the USA, the Hashdex Nasdaq Crypto ETF was authorized by the Bermuda Stock Exchange. It was one of the earliest and demonstrated that the country should continue to think. Alex Sirois had no (directly or indirectly) interest in the securities referred to in this article as of publication date.

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