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Chanel Urban Ombre Premiere Cream Shadow From the Fall 2017 Travel Diary Collection

 chanel urban ombre premiereChanel Urban

I’ve never met a Chanel Ombre Premiere cream shadow I didn’t like…until now.

Le sigh.

Urban is a blackened navy blue sheen in the Chanel Travel Diary collection, and it isn’t my favorite thing in the launch.

I’ve loved pretty much everything else from the collection so far (it’s been my favorite Chanel fall collection in years), but for me this cream shadow falls short.

chanel urban swatchChanel Urban is so gorgeous, but sooooo hard to use!

It feels drier than the other cream shadow in the launch, Memory (WHICH IS BOMB!), so when I smooth it across my lids, it catches some spots and skips over others. Unlike all of the other Ombre Premieres I have, wear and love, this one is the hardest to blend.

It’s Patchy City, so I’d drive by this one this year.

More from Chanel Travel Diary…

Speaking of the Ombre Premiers, my friend Jane (hi, Jane!) recommended one called Undertone, and ever since I swatched it last week at Nordstrom, I haven’t been able to get it outta my head.

Have you seen it? It’s a warm golden brown with the slightest sheen, and it’s abso-friggin-lutely gorgeous! TOTAL everyday staple shade. I was in a hurry, and the counter was super busy, so I walked away without it last week, but I’m plotting to go back and get it, along with a stick of 88 Noir Intense eyeliner. ?

Have you found any great Chanel would-be staples lately? Friends share, because sharing is caring!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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