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Brittany Mahomes Misses the Mark with Fashion Choice at the 2023 ESPY Awards

Brittany Mahomes, known for her impeccable style when it comes to dressing her football superstar husband Patrick Mahomes, had a rare misstep at the prestigious 2023 ESPY Awards. While Patrick claimed victory on stage, Brittany’s fashion choice failed to impress the fashion police and left fans questioning her ensemble.

As she gracefully walked the red carpet, all eyes were on Brittany’s black Versace dress, adorned with cutout detailing and pocket flaps. On paper, the outfit had potential, but the overall execution fell flat. The attention-stealing gold chunky lock necklace overshadowed the rest of the ensemble, creating a disjointed look. In an attempt to accessorize further, Brittany sported silver bracelets and rings that failed to harmonize with her desired aesthetic. It was a missed opportunity to bring the entire outfit together seamlessly. Even her updo hairstyle, reminiscent of a prom style, left some wondering if she was prepared for the grandeur of the awards show.

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One of Brittany’s loyal fans expressed their disappointment, tweeting, “Love #BrittanyMahomes, but her dress is not as classy as it could be… she could use a little help in that area…” Unfortunately, we have to agree.

Despite Brittany’s fashion faux pas, it was a night of triumph for the Mahomes family. Patrick, an exceptional NFL player, took home the coveted trophies for the Best NFL Player and Best Male Athlete at the ESPY Awards. The Kansas City Star reported Patrick’s elation as he stood on the stage, humbled and honored by the recognition. “Man, this is crazy. I remember growing up watching the ESPYS and seeing a lot of great athletes win awards, and to be on this stage, winning this award is a tremendous honor… It was an incredible season,” he shared with the audience.

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While Brittany’s style missed the mark, it’s important to remember that red-carpet fashion choices are subjective and open to interpretation. What may not resonate with everyone might be impactful for others. Nevertheless, the ESPY Awards serve as a platform for athletes to showcase their talents, not only on the field but also in the fashion realm. With years of experience, Brittany has previously impressed with her fashion sense, leaving fans and fashion enthusiasts eager to see what she brings to future red carpet-events.

As the evening came to an end, headlines buzzed about Patrick’s accomplishments, overshadowing the conversation surrounding Brittany’s fashion portrayal. It is a reminder that even amidst small missteps, true talent, and achievements outweigh momentary lapses in style.

The 2023 ESPY Awards will forever serve as a celebration of athletic greatness and in the case of Patrick Mahomes, a testament to his remarkable talent. While Brittany Mahomes may have missed the mark this time, fans and fashion enthusiasts will eagerly await her next fashion statement, hoping for a return to her usual impeccable sense of style.

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In the whirlwind of the night, where victories and fashion choices are dissected, it is crucial to remember that behind every great athlete, there is a supportive partner. Brittany Mahomes continues to shine as a pillar of support for her husband, Patrick, while unapologetically embracing her own unique sense of style.

brittany mahomes 2023 espys look proves shes the queen of worst dressed

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