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British-Nigerian Medical Doctor Finds Female Breadwinners at Higher Risk of Domestic Abuse

female breadwinners are actually more likely to be victims of domestic abuse british nigerian medical doctor says

New research has shown that female breadwinners are at a higher risk of experiencing domestic violence than their male counterparts. The study, which was conducted in Australia, revealed that women who earn more than their male partners are 35% more likely to experience domestic violence. Additionally, these women are 20% more likely to suffer from emotional abuse.

The research findings have been corroborated by Olamide Orekunrin-Brown, a British-Nigerian doctor. She shared the results on social media, stating that the more money a woman gives her partner, the more likely he is to become violent. Her tweet read, “Gentle reminder that female breadwinners are actually more likely to be victims of domestic abuse. Turns out that the more money you give a man, the more likely he is to beat you because of it.”

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The study is groundbreaking in that it reveals a correlation between income disparity and domestic violence. Specifically, the study found that men are more likely to perpetrate violence against their female partners if the women earn more than half of the household income. This finding challenges the popular belief that domestic violence is caused by financial strain and a lack of resources.

The study’s authors argue that the root cause of domestic violence lies in gender inequality and societal expectations surrounding gender roles. Women who earn more than their male partners challenge traditional gender roles, and this can lead to tension and conflict within relationships. Furthermore, men who feel emasculated by their partners’ financial success may resort to violence as a means of regaining control and asserting their dominance.

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The study’s findings have important implications for policymakers and advocates working to address domestic violence. The authors suggest that interventions should focus on challenging gender stereotypes and promoting gender equality. Additionally, policymakers should work to address the economic and social factors that contribute to gender inequality, such as the gender pay gap and unequal access to education and employment opportunities.

The study also highlights the fact that domestic violence is a pervasive problem that affects women across all socioeconomic backgrounds. Contrary to popular belief, educated and wealthy women are just as likely to experience domestic violence as their less affluent counterparts. This finding underscores the importance of addressing domestic violence as a public health issue that affects women from all walks of life.

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The study’s authors acknowledge that addressing domestic violence is a complex issue that requires a multi-pronged approach. However, they argue that understanding the link between income disparity and domestic violence is an important step toward developing effective interventions. By challenging gender stereotypes and promoting gender equality, policymakers and advocates can work to create a society where all women, regardless of their income or social status, are safe from domestic violence.

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