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Boy Is Forced To Live With Alien Cat Girl Who Will Do Anything For Him #Anime


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Kio is a completely average, almost boring, highschooler with nothing special about his life at all.
One day, as Kio is attending the funeral of a relative, he comes across a strange yet beautiful alien cat girl named Eris, who becomes a huge part of his life from that day. Being from the planet Catian, her mission is to learn as much as possible about human life, working as the Catians’ representative. But being an alien, she’s hunted by multiple secret organizations, who are out to capture and cage this beautiful creature. But promising to protect her, Kio and Eris begin their exciting adventures together, running from these shady organizations.

Boy Is Forced To Live With 5 Cat Girls Who Will Do Anything For His Attention

boy is forced to live with alien cat girl who will do anything for him anime



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