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Biafra: How Igbo governors are covering Fulani attacks in South-East – IPOB alleges


The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, on Friday, highlighted three groups attacking the South-East.

It alleged that the South-East was under attacks from Fulani terrorists, operatives of the Nigeria Police Force, NPF, and some governors.

In a statement by its spokesperson, Emma Powerful, IPOB alleged that the police and governors from the region were in the business of covering up the atrocities of their “Fulani masters against our people”.

The statement reads partly: “Our land is under immense attack on 3 notable fronts.

“1. Fulani terrorists

“2. Special 18 man execution squads sent by the IG of Police to each state to work directly with the governors to carry out summary executions of our young men. We have pictures of their latest victims in Aba. The whole business of childish gossiping and Fulani praise singing by a bunch of hungry compromised so-called freedom fighters is to divert our attention away from the silent killings going on in our land.

“3. Igbo governors and traitors within. These bunch of criminals are in the business of covering up the atrocities of their Fulani masters against our people. They work hand in hand with the Zoo police and media to spread falsehood against IPOB, an example of which is the death of Anthony Nwoko, a man I relocated from Lagos to Enugu, fed and paid house rent for.

“After a careful and thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the demise of Anthony Nwoko, it became apparent that he was not murdered. The journalist that reported that he was found in a pool of blood was a police-sponsored writer who was paid to present fantasy as fact.

“No police autopsy report till date as to the cause of death. Enugu police said they are still investigating the circumstances surrounding Nwoko’s death. No single photographic evidence or proof that blood was anywhere present on Nwoko’s body or apartment. These brown envelope journalists based in Lagos merely accepted money from the police to seek to incriminate IPOB without any single shred of evidence because they want to damage the squeaky clean image of IPOB in the hope of endearing themselves to their Fulani masters.

“All those that peddled this fake story or sought to extract a non-existent capital out of the lies that Nwoko was murdered, especially DSS established mushroom groups will never be forgiven. We shall find them and hold them accountable. The hunt is on for them across Biafraland. No traitor will go unpunished.”

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