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Attorney for Donald Trump Claims “Peaceful Transfer of Power” Following 2020 Election, CNN Anchor Laughs in Disbelief


In a recent interview with CNN’s Dana Bash, attorney John Lauro, who is defending former President Donald Trump against election conspiracy charges, claimed that there was a “peaceful transfer of power” following the 2020 election. However, Bash couldn’t help but burst into laughter in response to this assertion.

During the interview, which took place on Sunday, Lauro repeatedly clashed with the CNN anchor while denying allegations that Trump knowingly spread lies about the election being stolen. He also defended the former president’s attempts to pressure election officials, stating that they were simply an exercise of “free speech.”

Bash questioned Lauro about Trump’s alleged efforts to have then-Vice President Mike Pence delay Electoral College voting after unsuccessfully pressuring him to reject the votes altogether. Lauro admitted that Trump had indeed asked Pence to pause the voting.

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Lauro stated, “Those scenarios were presented to Vice President Pence. He considered them, and, as a constitutional matter, he rejected them. One of the last and ultimate requests that Trump made was to pause the voting for 10 days.”

Interrupting Lauro, Bash laughed incredulously, pointing out that the events that unfolded on January 6th were far from peaceful. She reminded him of the hundreds of Trump supporters who stormed the U.S. Capitol, threatening to harm Pence and demanding the election be overturned in Trump’s favor.

Dismissing Bash’s concerns, Lauro argued that the transfer of power was still peaceful because ultimately the “power of the presidency was transferred to Mr. Biden.”

Earlier in the interview, Lauro attempted to downplay Trump’s actions, claiming that his attempts to pressure election officials were merely “aspirational” and protected under the First Amendment as free speech.

Lauro asserted, “Asking is aspirational. Asking is not action. It’s core free speech.”

Trump’s legal team has consistently argued that the First Amendment protects the behavior alleged in the indictment presented by special counsel Jack Smith last week. The former president faces four federal charges, including conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstruction of an official proceeding, and conspiracy against rights.

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Despite these arguments, the events of January 6th and the subsequent impeachment trial have raised questions about the boundaries of free speech and the responsibility of public figures in upholding democratic processes.

As the interview concluded, it became clear that the clash between Lauro and Bash represented a larger debate surrounding the events of the 2020 election and their aftermath. The claims made by Trump’s attorney highlight the ongoing divisions within the country and the challenges faced in reconciling differing perspectives on the peaceful transfer of power.

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In conclusion, the interview between John Lauro and Dana Bash showcased the stark differences in opinion regarding the 2020 election and its aftermath. While Lauro maintained that there was a peaceful transfer of power, Bash’s laughter and subsequent challenges emphasized the events of January 6th and the impact they had on the perception of the election’s legitimacy. The debate surrounding free speech and its limitations continues to be a contentious issue, as demonstrated by Trump’s legal team’s arguments. As the nation moves forward, it remains to be seen how these debates will shape the future of American democracy.



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