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“Summer House’s Amanda Criticizes Lindsay’s Treatment of Danielle as a ‘Supporting Character'”

Reality TV star Amanda Batula has shared her thoughts on the Lindsay Hubbard and Danielle Olivera drama on the latest episode of “Summer House,” shedding light on the “unhealthy dynamic” between the two friends.

The feud between Lindsay, 36, and Danielle, 34, has been ongoing, with tensions flaring over the publicist’s personality changes since starting a relationship with Carl Radke. The two friends had a falling out in the fall of 2022 after Carl, 38, proposed to Lindsay, leading to further tension.

During Monday’s episode of “Summer House,” Lindsay shared her thoughts on the situation, stating, “There is a compromise that goes with being in a relationship. I think I’m just doing the best that I can support Carl, but also, I’m here to have fun like I do every other summer.”

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However, the argument escalated, with Lindsay yelling at Danielle in front of the other girls, leading Amanda to weigh in on the situation. Amanda, who is also a friend of the group, believes that Lindsay and Danielle’s dynamic is unhealthy, saying that they are both codependent on each other.

Amanda stated, “I think it’s very clear that Lindsay and Danielle have an unhealthy dynamic. They are codependent on each other, and it’s not healthy.”

She went on to explain that the two friends have been through a lot together, including the falling out over Carl’s proposal and that this has only added to the tension between them.

“Understandably, there would be tension between them after everything that’s happened, but they need to work through it and move forward,” Amanda said.

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The drama on “Summer House” has been building for some time, with fans eagerly watching to see how the feud between Lindsay and Danielle will be resolved. While it’s clear that the two friends are struggling to find common ground, Amanda’s comments suggest that there may be hope for them yet.

As the episode drew to a close, Lindsay and Danielle attempted to make amends, with Lindsay admitting that she had been wrong to yell at her friend.

“I’m sorry for yelling at you,” Lindsay said. “I should have just talked to you like an adult.”

Danielle, for her part, was willing to accept the apology, stating, “I appreciate that, and I’m sorry too.”

It remains to be seen how the situation between Lindsay and Danielle will develop throughout the season, but with Amanda’s comments in mind, it’s clear that the two friends will need to work hard to repair their damaged relationship.

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‘Summer House’ Recap: Amanda Batula Says Lindsay Hubbard Treats Danielle Olivera Like a 'Supporting Character’ inline Gabby Prescod, Samantha Feher, Lindsay Hubbard, Danielle Olivera
Gabby Prescod, Samantha Feher, Lindsay Hubbard, Danielle Olivera. Sean Zanni/Bravo

Reality TV star Danielle Olivera is at the center of a storm of drama on the latest episode of Bravo’s “Summer House.” In the episode, Danielle leans on her housemates, Amanda and Paige DeSorbo, after feeling slighted by Lindsay Hubbard.

During an explosive dinner, Lindsay appeared to overshadow Danielle, causing her to feel angry and upset. Paige points out that it was “nice” to see Danielle’s “natural personality shine,” but feels that Lindsay sometimes doesn’t let her “shine.”

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Danielle agrees with Paige’s assessment, expressing sadness over the drama surrounding her friendship with Lindsay. Amanda confesses that Danielle is the background and supporting character to Lindsay, saying, “Danielle’s a good friend. And her light doesn’t get to shine on her own. She lives in Lindsay’s shadow.”

As the episode progresses, Lindsay wonders why Danielle is “questioning” her relationship and choice to drink less around Carl. Danielle, meanwhile, remains upset by the dinner exchange as she leaves the Hamptons that weekend.

When the group returns to the house the next weekend, Danielle tells newbie Sam Feher that she hasn’t spoken to Lindsay all week. “Danielle did such an amazing job of being my backbone and strength and support in my last f—ked up relationship,” Lindsay tells Sam. “But now I’m finally with a guy who legitimately makes me happy and I make him happy. Nothing else should matter as my best friend.”

However, Danielle tells the cameras that she is upset with Lindsay’s behavior and how she’s treating their friendship. “That has been what I thought [was] a sisterhood for many years.”

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The episode is sure to keep fans of “Summer House” on the edge of their seats as they wait to see how the drama unfolds. With tensions running high and friendships on the line, anything could happen in the next episode of this popular Bravo series.

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