Allen Iverson Places His Bet … Plays Roulette with Big Chips


Allen Iverson was rolling like a big shot on the roulette table this week … ’cause by looks of it he was gambling with thousands worth in chips. 

We obtained more photos of A.I. at the Rivers Casino Thursday in Chicago — where he and his BIG3 team were in town for a game — and now we have an idea what sort of chip count he was playing the table with.

Sources at the casino tell TMZ Sports … all green chips in the building equal $25, and black chips are $100. From the looks of these pics … Iverson has at least 2 very high stacks of black chips, and LOTS of green stacks. It appears his green stacks got a little smaller from his right side as the game went on. But like they say … gotta have money to make money. 


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