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 In early 2011, James was introduced to a cash-flow buy-back investment in Lekki. Amongst the options available to him, he opted to invest in an upcoming estate development in Lekki. To secure the deal, James invested N28million in a fully guaranteed investment option.
Immediately, he received deed of assignment for a property valued at N35million plus a bond to receive a minimum of 40% of his actual investment in 18 months. In just 5 months, his property has grown in value by 50% and his funds are still intact. That’s solid investment.

Speaking recently to a team of journalist, Chudi Kalu, Founder of Africa’s Property Investment Group (AFPING) said, “

If you have been following trends in the real estate market, you will observe that the conditions are right investing in Lekki, but smart investors are incorporating the concept of Private or Silent Lekki Property Market into their investment operation. have upped their games by investing in exclsuive, collaterised and guaranteed property deals.”

According to Chudi Kalu Founder of Africa’s Property Investment Group, “Lekki will generate more than 70% of Lagos wealth by 2025 and the reasons are very obvious to any smart investor.” He further said, “only those who understand the trends can make money investing in what I call the Silent Lekki Property market.”

Speaking at a forum held by AFPING, Tade Cash, a real estate investor and Cofounder of Wealth Island explained that “it makes economical sense to invest in a private and secured property investment deal that is guaranteed to help you retire rich.”

AMH Capital, a property investment group and Arkbridge Integrated Limited are offering investors the chance to invest in a ‘Silent Lekki Investment’ Option within its Harbour Breeze Location of New Lagos City, Lekki, Lagos. Investment sells at N9,000 per square metre with a based on the projection schedule is expected to grow by 8-10% every month within an 18 months interval (Between June 2017 – December 2018).

Profits are guaranteed in a buy-back agreement by the developer to buy-back the property from the investors within 18 months for 50-100% and interestingly, investors are not under obligations to sell back to the investors if they find a buyer who can buy above what the developer is buying for. That means, the investors enjoy full returns on their investment without any form of ricks. “That is what investors are putting their money into,” says Mrs. Chikezie Oyeyemi, a banker at the forum “I know because I have several investment like this within this axis and I can tell you, it is a worthwhile investment because no matter what, the investors win all the time.”

Moreso, the investment is secured by insurance by AXA-Mansard, meaning investors are protected from any negligence on the part of the developer.

Of course, a thorough property evaluation is necessary which is the reason AFPING is putting together a forum where investors can see the figures, facts and returns. The Island edition held at Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel in Victoria Island on the 29th of May 2017 witnessed investors making their selections. The second edition which is the Mainland edition comes up on the 10th of June 2017. See to be part of it, click on the register button below.

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