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A Florence Wedding So Pretty, You’d Swear It Was a Styled Shoot

From the bride, Antonella… There are moments that you dream for a lifetime, which you’d like to be perfect, to hold in your heart. Thinking about my wedding I realize that my wishes came true! I shall never forget the emotion of walking down the aisle, the look on my husband’s face, the deep scent of the spring flowers, the happiness in everybody’s eyes and hearts… Florence and the surrounding hills have been the ideal frame for our wedding, a place so magical and elegant like no one else. We fell in love at the first sight with the villa, its garden end its little church. Pictures speak better than words, for us it was like living in a fairy tale.

Friends have always told me that they lived their wedding day with a bit of anxiety and apprehension, and I can’t deny I’ve felt the same feelings as I approach the event. However, I can say that all concerns about dress, shoes, weather, have disappeared already since my arrival in the villa. Probably because Tuscany has always represented for me and Sossio the place of tranquility, relaxation, the oasis in which to take refuge from the stressing life of the city. Or probably because the beauty of the place makes you forget about everything that is not important and helps you abandon yourself to your feelings.

About “the day”, I’m already nostalgic for the awakening in my fantastic suite, for the preparation, for the excitement to know I was going to marry the man I love. Some people say they don’t remember everything of their wedding day, or they didn’t enjoy it at all because of the tough work to make the event go fine. I can say that every single detail will remain intact in my mind, and if I could I’d marry again in the same place, with the same atmosphere. Even just to relive that moment at the sunset, looking down on Florence, when we both understood that day was the most important day of our life.

But you know, it’s not a special wedding without special people! And I don’t just mean our families and friends. I’m talking about our wedding planner, Maria, who was superlative in arranging everything. I never imagined to find someone so able to understand my needs and to put into practice what I had in my mind. I’m talking about Elias who made us feel free and never embarrassed, making a spectacular photo shoot. What else can I say? Florence, the birthplace of Renaissance, this time has been the birthplace of our love and dreams. And if you consider the work of Maria and Elias, from Greece, the cradle of European civilization… Could it be more perfect?

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