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A Beginner’s Guide to Blockchain Technology and Crypto Currency

The underlying technology of Bitcoin, which is Blockchain, has been in the news for many days. If you are looking forward to knowing more about blockchain and cryptocurrency market, this informative article is going to be of helpful use to you. Read on to know more in detail!

What is Blockchain? An Overview

Distributed ledger technology was introduced as an underpinning framework for Bitcoin transactions. However, over some time, it evolved to be a part of mainstream technology, and today Blockchain finds a multitude of applications across the different industrial niches. Consider taking Blockchain training to enhance your skills and understanding.

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  1. Decentralization– In simple words, it means that there is no 3rd party governing or regulating this framework. It also adds additional features to the blockchain system. Since the platform is decentralized in nature, there is a lesser probability of hacking or breaching the account. It also enhances the speed of the transaction and communication between the users.
  2. Faster transaction– as we have mentioned above, blockchain technology offers a faster mode of transaction. Since it operates on peer-to-peer networking where the two parties directly interact with each other, and there is no need for the waiting period for approval or validation of transaction, the functioning of the entire system becomes more seamless and hassle-free.
  3. Lesser cost of the transaction– another feature that differentiates Blockchain from other technology is the cost of the transaction. As we have mentioned that in the case of Bitcoin transactions that use Blockchain, one doesn’t have to depend on 3rd party for validation and approval. This lack of approval and waiting period saves on the cost of processing fees and transaction fees which is otherwise valid in the case of conventional monetary transactions.
  4. Data security- one of the key concerns surrounding the conventional platforms that we use for payment is the security of the data. Since the information is centralized in nature, a hacking attempt on the centralized server may lead to the loss of data. Conversely, when we talk about blockchain technology, then the entire system is decentralized in nature, and the information is distributed across the note. This information distribution makes it difficult for the hackers to make the changes at every note, thereby enhancing the data security feature of this framework.
  5. Ease of data tracking- when it comes to one of the most promising features of blockchain technology, then it has to be data tracking. Since the information, when gets entered into the alleged, gets a timestamp, it becomes easier for the user to track the data. Moreover, time-stamping also makes it easy for the hacker to stop interfering in the system and changing or altering the data.

Coming to the question that we started in the beginning, how are cryptocurrency and blockchain-related to each other. We have already mentioned that Blockchain is the underlying technology for Bitcoin, another cryptocurrency functionality. All these features make it easier for the user to trade Bitcoin and also make it one of the most lucrative digital assets.

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Going to the multi-faceted features of blockchain technology, it is hard to be a technology of the future. From food to finance, Blockchain is finding a multitude of applications.

Investing in cryptocurrencies:

whenever you start making an investment or trading in the stock market, it has to be with the prospects. Cryptocurrencies are growing at a faster pace than expected, and hence, are expected to be the currency of the future. Around 23 companies in the USA are now accepting Bitcoin and digital asset payments fill. This highlights that it is gaining a much wider acceptance. Hence if you are willing to make an investment that gives you a good return in the years to come, then investing in cryptocurrency is a good move.


The process of trading is simple. All you need to do is find out a trustworthy platformand fill in the information and your details, and then start trading. There are around 600 crypto exchanges that offer the feature of trading in cryptocurrencies, but before registering yourself, it is important to understand what the features and the key aspects are associated with it so that you have a hassle-free cryptocurrency trading journey. Conversly, if you are also keen to add digital Yuan, the official cryptocurrency of China, then you can explore Yuan Pay Group. This platform is designed to promote the use of digital Yuan. With simple registration steps, you can start trading in e-Yuan. In addition, you can also explore certain tools that assist you in understanding the trading market.

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