The Fashionable Hostess

Cheese Plates + Charcuterie Dinner Party

Potlucks are a classic and super easy to put together. Have everyone bring over a cheese and cracker combination they love, or even just a spread of choice. No need for a full-blown dinner party, all you need is an array of charcuterie and cheese. Pair with a few really great wines or ciders, a good playlist and settle in for a killer bachelorette!

Pinot + Painting

Generally no more than $50 per person, painting classes are always a great way to spend quality time with friends as well as super therapeutic. Somehow I feel the BYOB component really helps with this! All materials are supplied by the venue so all you have to do is show up. Minimal planning required! The best part is each of you gets to come away with a piece to remember the night and the bride with!

Prosecco 5K

Stay with me on this: fitness and drinks. Maybe not at the same time, but they can totally go together, I swear! 5K’s can be taken lightly, and are a lot of fun! They’re usually not very costly and do not take much training. Dress up with tutu’s, feather boas, bride sashes etc. and run, walk, skip to the finish line with your squad! Just remember to hydrate before and during the run before dashing over to a Prosecco after-party.


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