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2Baba Slams Nigerians for Obsession with His Family, Reveals Personal Struggles as a Father


In a candid interview on the latest episode of the Afrobeats podcast hosted by British-Nigerian media personality, Adesope Olajide, legendary Nigerian musician, 2Baba, expressed his frustration with Nigerians’ excessive interest in his family. The African Queen crooner, whose real name is Innocent Ujah Idibia, admitted that despite his efforts to develop a thick skin over the years, he still finds the criticisms hurtful at times.

During the podcast, 2Baba addressed the accusations of being a deadbeat dad to his seven children, emphasizing that those who make such claims have never stepped forward to offer financial assistance, particularly in paying his children’s school fees. He lamented the fact that people often judge and criticize without understanding the complexities of fatherhood and the unique relationships between parents and their children.

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“Many people talk about kids, fatherhood, motherhood, all that whole circle. Many people talk about it with public opinion type of thinking. But it’s deeper than that. There’s nobody that has the exact blueprint for this thing,” 2Baba explained.

He further revealed his unconventional approach to parenting, stating, “I speak to my kids like they’re my mates. I don’t boss them around. I talk to them the way I talk to my friends and mom.”

Despite his immense success as a musician, 2Baba has faced his fair share of online trolling and criticism. He expressed his disappointment with the hurtful comments that people make on social media, comparing them to acts of terrorism. He questioned why those who are so concerned about his family have never offered any assistance or support.

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“I get a lot of jabs [trolling]. I got a lot of people that say stuff about me. People have trolled me severally on social media. And, sometimes it hurts. Sometimes some people will just go on social media to say rubbish. It’s just like terrorists bombing innocent people. And I will start wondering how till today, none of those critics, the way they are concerned about my family, come to assist in paying my children’s school fees. Not even a single soul,” 2Baba expressed.

It is important to note that 2Baba’s marriage to actress Annie Macaulay in 2012 has been surrounded by scandals and rumors. Annie has accused Pero Adeniyi, 2Baba’s first baby mama, of still having a secret affair with the singer. Additionally, there have been speculations about the musician impregnating another woman and being a deadbeat dad to some of his children. However, 2Baba has consistently denied all these allegations.

2Baba’s honest and heartfelt interview sheds light on the struggles he faces as a father in the public eye. His willingness to address the criticisms head-on and share his personal experiences adds a human touch to his celebrity image.

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As a highly respected and influential figure in the Nigerian music industry, 2Baba’s words carry weight. By speaking out about the challenges he faces as a father, he encourages a more empathetic understanding of the complexities of parenting in the public sphere. It is a reminder that celebrities, despite their fame and success, are still human beings with their own struggles and vulnerabilities.

2Baba’s recent interview on the Afrobeats podcast has provided a rare glimpse into his personal life and the difficulties he encounters as a father. His candidness and willingness to address the criticisms he faces from Nigerians highlight the need for empathy and understanding in discussions surrounding celebrity families. By sharing his experiences, 2Baba challenges societal norms and encourages a more compassionate approach to public figures and their personal lives.



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