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18 Best #Blazers for Men: From Casual To Black Tie

For lots of guys, the hardest part of prepping for a social event is picking out the best possible clothes. Oftentimes, a casual sweatshirt or a corporate-looking suit feels just plain wrong, which is where the best blazers for men come in.

Straddling that ever-thinning line between looking snappy and not looking like you’re trying too hard is a struggle. It’s also the top reason why the best men’s blazers are one of the most versatile articles of clothing the stylish man can get his hands on. 

Even if you don’t know the first thing about dressing to impress, a sports coat is something you can almost always fall back on—you can match your blazer with a pair of jeans or even something a little more professional if needed. With that said, there are good picks for blazers, and then there are our picks. Keep reading to find the very best blazer for you.

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Our Top Picks

Man wearing a linen blazer with no shirt underneath, standing outside with tattoos on chest
Wax London SS22

If you’re down to pay a little extra for this Canali classic, you’ll be rewarded with what is probably the most all-around choice on the market. Equal parts fancy and laid back, this blazer can be worn to meetings, flights, parties, and any other gathering you can think of (especially if you get the navy one).

The chest welt pocket is a notch or two above what most of the best blazers for men have to offer, and the flaps on the side pockets actually look like they belong there. The higher price tag means the detail on the seams is second to none. Just be sure to wear a plain shirt underneath and a black pair of pants to highlight those accents.

Material: 100% Wool | Sizes available: 46-62 | Colors: Black, Navy | Care: Dry Cleaning

Sports coats aren’t just a fancy office thing, and this is one of the best blazers for men when they find themselves in a situation where they can afford to let loose a little. The wingback lining makes this Alec Mill beauty stand out, which gives your back the kind of breathing room that’s hard to come by in blazers.

You’ll probably want to order these with their matching pair of pants. If that’s not your thing, chances are you already have something in your wardrobe that goes with these. For the best results, try to match it with a white shirt underneath and a crisp pair of casual shoes.

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Material: 100% Madras Cotton | Sizes available: 33-44 | Colors: Khaki | Care: Machine Wash

While a velvet sports jacket can be a bit heavy on the wallet, it’s hard to say no to one of the best blazers for men you can find today. If you can afford it, that is. Wildly stylish yet perfect for just about any occasion, this blazer rocks a low-maintenance polyester build that prevents creasing.

The gray-colored buttons provide the perfect counterpoint to the black velvet, so chances are you’ll prefer keeping it buttoned up. Bonus—the notch lapel gives your shoulders that unmistakable, manly shape that only the very best men’s blazers provide.

Material: 100% Polyester (Velvet Weave) | Sizes available: 36-50 | Colors: Black | Care: Dry Cleaning

The best blazers are an amazing option for formal gatherings like weddings, which is where this Paul Smith masterwork comes into play. One thing that really makes this blazer pop is the notched labels. They really draw out your upper body without feeling restrictive around the shoulders.

The benefits don’t stop there. You have the double-vent system in the back, which is great, considering you’ll be spending a good chunk of time eating. The straight hem is also a nice touch if you’ve been watching your weight—you can keep this thing on all night and still look flat as a board.

Material: 100% Wool (Lining 100% Cupro) | Sizes available: 36-44 | Colors: Navy Blue | Care: Dry Clean

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Available in a variety of colors for a very reasonable price, this is one of the best men’s blazers out there. Our favorite option is black, though. The single vent in the back gives you all the mobility you need under most circumstances. Between that and the variety of sizes, practically anyone can get away with wearing one of these.

The pockets on this blazer are surprisingly deep for storing all the necessities without bulking up your abdominal area. One thing you’ll want to keep in mind is that you almost definitely need a black pair of pants to make it work. But that’s a small price to pay for being the sharpest-looking guy at the event.

Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes available: 30-44 | Colors: Black, Red, Gray, Mustard, + | Care: Hand Washing, Ironing

A lot of men go their entire lives without sporting a white blazer, but we’re asking you to keep an open mind. You’ll find that this white Coofandy classic is one of the best blazers for men in any color. The white really lends itself to the simplicity of the design, though. This no-brainer is an effortless yet high-class look, especially considering the price range.

Certain blazers make you look bloated when you button them up, but this one doesn’t have that problem. As a bonus, there’s a sizable internal pocket, so you’ll have all the storage space you could possibly need. Just be sure to put on a white tee or button-up underneath for the best possible aesthetic.

Material: 100% Polyester | Sizes available: 34-50 | Colors: White, Black, Blue, Brown, + | Care: Machine Wash

If you can get past the hefty price tag, this is one of the best blazers for men that can get you through a chilly evening at a formal outdoor venue. From an aesthetic standpoint, this is nicely countered by the amazing (not bulky) classic fit with a little stretch. This is a great jacket to help battle the elements and keep you comfortable all day while jumping from one meeting to the next.

Although it’s a subtle detail, the pick stitching is always a sight for sore eyes. If you get especially chilly, those fastenings aren’t just for show. The two front buttons let you close this thing up like you would any jacket for deceptively genuine warmth.

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Material: 100% Worsted Wool (Bemberg Lining) | Sizes available: 34-48 | Colors: Blue, Charcoal,  Navy | Care: Dry Wash

Offering some of the very best blazers for men on the market today, Charles Tyrwhitt is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. This gem is one of the brand’s supreme products. Whether you opt for light blue or the more adventurous indigo, you can rest assured this product will make you pop in a sea of tuxedo-wearing men.

Unlike a lot of other suits, this particular jacket gets better the more you wear it, courtesy of the canvas chest piece. People who pay attention to the world of fashion are bound to like the beautiful corozo nut buttons. Plus, the polyester in the construction guarantees you won’t be seeing wrinkles on this thing anytime soon.

Material: 53% Linen, 47% Cotton  (Lining 48% Polyester, 52% Viscose) | Sizes available: 36-48 | Colors: Light Blue, Limestone, Indigo | Care: Dry Clean

Your clothes can do the talking for you in social situations, and this is one of the best blazers for men if your goal is to stand out. Definitely best worn during less formal events, this blazer comes in three eye-catching designs—none of which come across as tacky in non-corporate settings.

Besides looking interesting, this blazer is genuinely comfortable to boot. The padded shoulders help conceal shoddy posture, and the double vents will almost make you forget you’re even wearing a blazer. Don’t be fooled by the carefree aesthetic either, as the smooth yet the well-stitched design is quite resistant to tears. This might be obvious, but no more outfit patterns are necessary with this floral wonder.

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Material: 100% Cotton | Sizes available: 34-50 | Colors: Green-White, Black-Blue, Golden | Care: Machine Wash

The neutral option to end all neutral options. Hugo Boss makes one of the best blazers for men if you’re looking to get a lot of mileage from your money. Equally suited for dinners, business meetings, and parties alike, this blazer’s cozy fit lets you button up without feeling buttoned up.

Another interesting thing to note is the so-called “kissing” (overlapping) buttons on the cuffs. This is something of a rarity in men’s suits and an interesting change of pace if you want to shake things up. Available in three classic colors, this jacket looks great with matching pants and a bold tie. Or, if you’re feeling more laid back, pair it with your favorite dark denim.

Material: 100% Virgin Wool (Lining 64% Viscose, 36% Polyester; Sleeve Lining: 64% Viscose, 36% Polyester)  | Sizes available: 34-48 | Colors: Black, Dark Blue, Dark Gray | Care: Dry Cleaning, Ironing

Although it’s probably not the first blazer color that comes to mind, brown can be an amazing option. Paul Jones takes things to the next level with this wonder product. It’s a deceptively cheap option that can be worn just about everywhere, save for some high-end work-related meetings.

The mostly cotton build gives you unprecedented comfort for the price, all augmented by the back vent to help keep you limber. This thing will keep you extremely warm in the winter, and it’s easier to style than you might think. A black pair of shoes, regular jeans, and a light-colored (preferably white) tee make this the ideal casual blazer outfit.

Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Polyester | Sizes available: 36-44 | Colors: Coffee, Caramel, Olive Brown | Care: Hand Washing, Ironing

It can be hard to resist the temptation to look fabulous, even in the scorching heat. Cloudstyle delivers on that front with one of the best blazers for men to wear in the summer. The magic ingredient is the acetate build—extremely pleasant to the touch, airy, and non-constrictive.

This is more of a casual blazer, which means it looks spectacular with any plain old shirt, single-colored shoes, and dark denim jeans. If you’re determined to wear this to the office, there are color options for that too. The black and brown options are especially fancy-looking because of the amazing stitch work.

Material: Wool or Denim | Sizes available: 40-50 | Colors: Khaki, Black, Brown, Light Blue + | Care: Machine wash, Ironing

Believe it or not, looking like a professional stud and an extra on Easy Rider at the same time is entirely possible. Spectacular aesthetic aside, what really sets it apart from other blazers is the extra space around the chest. It gives you that much-needed (and literal) breathing room.

This blazer is best suited for casual wearing, especially when coupled with another dark top underneath and blue or gray denim. The cherry on top is that this leather is extremely soft and easy on your skin. No more stress about sweating up a storm like you would with other leather jackets.

Material: 100% Leather | Sizes available: 40-48 | Colors: Peat | Care: Dry Cleaning

The best blazers for men can hit prices that make even the most stylish dudes think twice before reaching for their wallets. Leave it to Beninos to provide a genuinely amazing product for an outright steal. While it leans slightly toward the casual side, some of the available colors (especially the black one) are more than appropriate for work in a pinch.

This jacket is also slim-fitting, making it an amazing partner for a pair of slim-fit jeans and freshly polished shoes. You can keep things really simple with this blazer. Besides the front pocket (only one of many pockets it has), nothing really pops out or distracts from the amazing fit.

Material: 100% Linen | Sizes available: 36-43 | Colors: Black, Burgundy, Navy, Gray | Care: Dry Cleaning

Although Calvin Klein is a brand that needs no introduction, they truly went above and beyond to create one of the best blazers for men ever designed. Combining the best of both worlds, this stretchy and comfortable blazer does wonders to accentuate your physique.

Wool is one of the safest materials to go for when it comes to blazers, as this year-round blazer clearly demonstrates. The best part is you can also order a pair of pants to match it. You can even customize the length of each to ensure you won’t be getting out-styled at work or social gatherings.

Material: 94% Wool, 6% Lycra Spandex | Sizes available: 28-40 | Colors: Black, Charcoal, Navy, Blue Twill | Care: Dry Clean

Tightness around the shoulders is a deal-breaker for some guys when it comes to the best blazers for men. The solution really is as simple as a smaller collar. It reduces the volume of fabric wrapped around your neck and shoulders. Problem solved. This blazer comes in more colors than you can count, and it’s one of the lighter products in its category and price range.

The countless options give you countless ways of styling this particular blazer. Still, the polyester lends itself nicely to white shirts with black jeans. While you may want to steer clear of the wine red option for work, you can generally wear most of the others in any setting.

Material: 100% Polyester | Sizes available: 36-60 | Colors: Blue, Black, Brown ,Gray, + | Care: Hand Washing, Dry Cleaning

The best thing about linen blazers is that they’re lighter and more casual than cotton ones. But the marriage of these two materials has produced some really spectacular jackets. The Linen-Blend Blazer is incredible in that it combines the spectacular linen fit with the warmth of wool. It does all that while looking extremely professional by anyone’s standards.

Another huge selling point is the color palette. Not a lot of guys can pull off whites and creams, but those who can should look no further than the Perry Ellis options. One thing to note is while there’s quite a bit of wool in the construction, this is still predominantly a linen jacket. Don’t expect it to work miracles in harsh winter climates.

Material: 45% Wool, 55% Linen | Sizes available: 36-54 | Colors: White, Herringbone | Care: Dry Clean

Amazon’s contributions to the world of fashion shouldn’t be understated. In fact, they’re behind one of the best blazers for men in the low-triple-digit domain. We’re not saying they cheaped out on production. This blazer’s lightweight hopsack weave and cushy wool construction offer the kind of comfort you’d expect from high-end competitors.

Although it’s a minor detail, the fact that the buttons are made of actual horns is infinitely charming. They really bring out the pizazz in all three color variations. Given the tailored fit and the unpretentious design, it’s safe to say you can wear this thing anywhere. Pair it with a white shirt and gray or black pants for an effortless look.

Material: 100% Wool | Sizes available: 38-44 | Colors: Black, Navy, Charcoal | Care: Dry Clean

What to look for when looking for the best blazers for men

As safe a pick for almost any social situation, the best blazers for men should feel as amazing as they look. Here are some of the key considerations before making your final pick.


If you’re looking for the best blazers for men that leave your skin with room to breathe, the best choice might be wool. These types of blazers do wonders for keeping you cozy. You also get an abundance of air pockets to keep moisture under control without compromising on warmth.

For slightly more serious gatherings, poly blazers are the way to go. On top of being comfortable, you’d have to try really hard to crease a poly-blend blazer in a single evening. That perk also makes it a good pick for packed gatherings and events indoors.

Man wearing sunglasses, green blazer and trousers standing in front of a colonial building
@cavour.co / Instagram


The biggest faux pas most people make when approaching the best blazers for men is not paying close attention to the fit. Tip—sports jackets aren’t exactly forgiving if you take shortcuts. You want the blazer to be just wide enough to match your back and shoulders, but you also need to make sure it drops roughly to the crotch area. Or at least slightly below the belt for good measure.

Another thing to pay attention to is your arms. The sleeves should ideally end somewhere below the wrist. Although with certain clothes combinations, you can get away with sleeves down to your thumb.


Some of the best blazers for men wrap neatly around your upper body without leaving much wiggle room. The vent(s) located at the bottom compensate for that by giving you that extra bit of mobility.

An easy way to think of the vent “conventions” is that single-vent blazers are more commonly worn in the States and can be useful for trickier body shapes. Whereas the more “European” double-vent option takes some extra pressure off your body while you’re sitting. If you’re ripped and aren’t afraid to show it, you can also do the bolder, no-vent blazer, which helps bring out your features while still looking classy.


    • Hugo Boss and Alex Blazer tend to be go-to for those who can’t say no to sports jackets. With that said, don’t be afraid to go off-brand if the event isn’t too formal. After all, the silver lining of blazers is that even the cheaper ones exude elegance and style.

      • Wool is generally the safest option across seasons, thanks to the breathability and comfort combo. We also like cotton as a great choice in the summertime. Poly comes in at a close second for warm weather since it removes the hassle of frequent ironing and other forms of maintenance.

        • Even the best blazers for men are nothing without the proper pants and shoes, and what you wear with sports jackets should depend on the occasion. If you’re looking to go casual, regular jeans or chinos with a similar color to the blazer are a good pick, along with a single-colored shirt. On the other hand, if you’re in need of a professional-looking combination, aim for a dark pair of pants that compliment your blazer with a solid color button-down and mid-rise shoes.

          • Measuring your chest area usually gives you all the information you need. Simply wrap a measuring tape around your chest—the number of inches matches the blazer size you’ll want to get. You shouldn’t forget to factor in your height either. For average and slightly taller men, “regular” length blazers are almost always the way to go.

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