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30 Of The Best Funny Gifts For Men That Guarantee At Least A Small Chuckle (Updated 2022)

Getting a pack of socks sucks. But getting a pizza box filled with pizza socks? That sounds deliciously fun. Getting gifts is great, but getting a funny gift is even better. Whether you’re shopping for your man, your buddy, or a co-worker, getting a comical present is the best way to jazz up something that could otherwise be too bland.

There are plenty of funny gag gifts for men, but there are just as many duds. If you want to check out only the top jokester offerings, look no further. We put together a guide to the best funny gifts for men you’ll find, so check it out and snag the perfect humorous gift for the guy on your shopping list. We found so many ridiculous choices there’s bound to be something for every sense of humor.

Our Top Picks

dog wearing a shirt with it's face embroidered on it
Uncommon Goods

This beer belly fanny pack will get a giggle out of even the nastiest curmudgeons. Not only is it cheap, but it’s funny as hell. It’s not just a great novelty gag either—it works great.

With this faux-flab, fit guys can finally fit in at Nascar races and monster truck rallies and sneak in their spirits as a bonus. There’s an option for jacked abs, too. If he has a belly already, maybe check that out instead.

Fandicto Beer Belly Fanny Pack

Family is great (usually), but that doesn’t mean we like their poo smell wafting around. When coffee-guzzling Uncle Carl comes to exchange holiday gifts, this will be more than just a good laugh; it will save you from blown-out bathrooms all weekend. 

One little spray on the toilet water pre-dump, and all retch-worthy stenches become trapped beneath the deodorizing film. The Crapsman set comes in a little toolbox, so older guys and handymen will eat this up. Give it a try if you have any particularly stinky guests.

Poo-Pourri Master Crapsman Set

You could buy him a t-shirt with some lame “you’re old now” joke for his birthday present. Isn’t that too easy, though? Consider the gift that keeps on giving—a luxurious sequined Nicholas Cage pillow.

Guys love playing with sequined pillows (whether they admit it or not), so make sure to hide the bold Cage face before you wrap it. Nicholas Cage fans will rejoice upon flipping the sequins, and non-fans will be hilariously confused. Both reactions are amazing.

The Nick Cage pillow is also a great last-minute gift for any occasion. 

Merrycolor Sequined Nicolas Cage Pillow

Guys should toss their old wall clock out the window when they retire. When they do, gift them the Who Cares clock. Not only will it replace the ticking monster that ruled their life, but it will remind them not to get caught up in the BS anymore. 

Even in retirement, some guys just can’t slow down. This clock will remind them to and make them laugh in the process. It also comes in a fun island theme.

Fancy This Who Cares Wall Clock

Tired of using your buddy’s ho-hum, yawn of a toilet? Aren’t we all. Now you can make taking shits fun again with the disco toilet. Even the man who has everything won’t have one of these. 

Now he can illuminate his stream like a charming rainbow and think of you whenever he goes #2.

Brilliant Ideas Disco Toilet

Every man loves Jerky (at least most men). Defy gender norms by gifting your man a tasty heart this Valentine’s day. He’ll think it’s a basic box of chocolates, but he’ll shriek with glee when he unwraps it. 

If he doesn’t love Jerky, don’t blame us. We did say most men.

Man Crates Jerky Heart

An AARP membership is the perfect funny gift for men turning 50. Not only is it a “wise-ass joke to crack” (in the words of a dad or uncle), but it’s a pretty great membership to have. There are plenty of discounts on restaurants and travel, among other things, and it doesn’t cost much.

It starts as a joke, but this is a subscription he might hold on to for life. Just make sure you aren’t paying for it the whole time.

AARP Membership

When it comes to funny gifts for men, style usually comes before substance. This golfer-friendly gift will get a laugh every time they use it, and they’re almost guaranteed to use it. Toilet stools like this put your ass in the perfect position for unloading your own stools.

That way, you can avoid hemorrhoids and other crappy constipation problems. And if it takes time to get their pipes in gear while perched, they have a pint-sized putting green to pass the time. 

Royal Squat Bathroom Stool

It doesn’t have to be X-mas to get someone this excellent beard ornament gag gift for men. This gift costs less than a pack of cigarettes (In New England, at least) and never gets old. If you’ve never bought tiny ornaments to hang on your buddies’ beards, what are you waiting for?

DecoTiny Beard Ornaments 

Remind college grads of their next step with something they’ll probably see every morning until they retire—a coffee mug. On any other occasion, they’re too basic, but for graduation, it works.

Mugs can be a bland gift, but this one is too perfect for a fresh grad. This adulting brew-holding vessel shows all the merit badges they can earn on their road to adulthood. Besides, not ordering take-out every night or abusing social media deserves celebration. 

Adulting Mug

Office workers, haven’t you always wanted to blow your desk up? The f-bomb paperweight might be the perfect funny gag gift for men who have to deal with paperwork. And what teacher hasn’t wanted to drop a big f-bomb on their student’s essays? 

It’s not quite NSFW, so you’d probably be fine bringing this into the office (but don’t quote us on that). Then again, how many of us are back in the office? Either way, f-bombs are still perfect for dropping around the house.

Fred Conlon F-Bomb Paperweight

Cats vs. dogs is a debate that’s been raging since the dawn of time (probably). Now you can finally pit them against each other without all the ethical and legal dilemmas that come with an illegal animal fighting ring.

If they don’t play chess, chances are they’ll still want to display this set. If they do play chess, even better.

Cat v. Dog Chess Set 

Any horror and dark comedy fans will eat up this funny gag gift for men. Misfortune Cookies are excellent for macabre fans, and they’re sure to get some laughs when the wrapping paper comes off. 

They’re more likely to see “life sucks” than“ success is on the horizon” when the cookie cracks. And it’ll turn their teeth black like a Japanese demon, so white elephant gifters beware. Uncommon Misfortune Cookies

This book is a fantastic addition to the library of any guys indulging in weed-friendly states. It might even get a permanent home on their coffee table. Never again will they get stoned and think, “What should I do now?” 

This genius piece of literature will answer every ridiculous question they never knew they had and leave them giggling, gawking, or both (it depends on how much they smoked). 

This funny gift for men is best for ultra-cool skateboarders. The cutesy, nice-guy stylings of this Degrassi skateboard deck by Color Bars clash beautifully with just about everything skateboarding counterculture stands for. 

The combination of irony and irreverence makes this a special deck. Extra points if they’re a secret Drake or Degrassi fan (because what skater brags about that?).

Color Bars x Degrassi Baller Deck

We feel for you if you don’t have joyful childhood memories of cackling like a madman over “poo” filled Madlibs. This NSFW set of two sexy Madlib books isn’t just good for valentines day; it works wonders any time of the year. 

There’s nothing like innuendo-charged wordplay to add inappropriate chuckles to his nostalgic gift. Just don’t gift it at a work event unless you’re positive that all of your co-workers will love it. That’s not a great look.

Plenty of guys out there still live life choking down their emotions at all costs. Comedian John Mulaney captured that lifestyle perfectly when he held his fist to his chest and said, “I’ll keep all emotions right here, and then one day I’ll die.” 

If that sounds like someone you know, they could probably use this sticker. Hopefully, they aren’t too stuffy to enjoy a little light-hearted self-deprecation.

John Mulaney Quote Sticker 

At one point in their lives, just about every guy in the world leaned up against a pool table or at least saw the cool guys in movies do it. Welcome the gift that both dad (or cool uncle) and the kids can enjoy together. 

Tailgate parties are the pinnacle of American culture. If you have a buddy who loves tailgating and pounding beer (which are basically synonymous), this is the gag gift for them. It will keep their priorities clear, and their needs met. Nothing screams I need a beer in my hand than a shirt with big, bold lettering saying, you guessed: BEER. 

When 90’s culture started trending again, cassette tapes followed suit. They were short-lived for a reason (CDs are far superior), but some trend-chasers and nostalgia buffs are buying this outdated tech again. We assume they’re even using it.

This Bo Burnham standup is a good listen if you know someone into the vintage audio scene. Even if he doesn’t know Bo, he’s sure to love at least one bit on this album.

Urban Outfitters Bo Burnham Inside 

We all know cats can be crazy, but some can be damn near devious. There are plenty of funny and cute books out there about crazy cats, but this glorious guide is the pick of the literature. If you know someone whose cat has that serial killer glare, this might be the perfect gift for them.

Just don’t let the cat know who gave it to him. You don’t want it coming for revenge after you foil their plot.

How To Tell if Your Cat is Plotting to Kill You

Be the bad influence you never knew you wanted to be; corrupt your buddy’s pooch with weed and beer. At least it looks like weed and beer. It’s really just a few chew toys, but a dog holding a giant joint or beer can in their mouth is prime laughing material. 

Warning: DO NOT feed dogs real drugs or alcohol. It’s definitely not good for them or funny.

Baja Ponchos Chill Vibes Dog Toys Set

They say the bathroom is the last bastion of man. For present-day parents, that only multiplies tenfold. Some dads would probably live in the bathroom if they could. Sorry bathroom dads, but with the Katamco Toilet Timer, you’re shit out of luck.

Get your dad the toilet timer if you’re tired of him hiding from life while you’re just trying to brush your teeth. It’s a small, shark-tanked funded business too, and that’s always cool.

Katamco Toilet Timer 

Ridiculous Inflatable Swan-thing is an excellent gift for guys who love the absurd. Just don’t expect a full-sized pool float. Swan-thing is more of a conversation piece. A vision of a swan as abstract art, if you will. 

It also comes in reverse colors for Black Swan fans.

Prank Pack has put together one of the best funny gifts for men you’ll find. The novelty gifting box will make them think they’re getting an automated ass-wiping toilet attachment, a butt-plug that makes them fart perfume, or stylish cargo socks (every fashionista’s dream).

In reality, you’ll fill the box with some used dog toys or a ratty old sweater. That’s two jokes in one box.

Prank Pack Novelty Gifting Box

Many of us can think fondly of a time when our parents read us the whimsical tales of Frog and Toad. Time takes its toll on us all, though, even fictional childhood friends. 

In this very contemporary parody, the duo tackles things like scheming to pay off credit card debt and wasting too much time on their phones. It’s aimed at adults, but only because it’s harshly accurate in its comedic portrayal of modern life—nothing foul here.

Some guys love to call people out on their bullshit (guilty). Others have a hard time speaking up at all. The That’s Bullshit Button by Talkie Toys is perfect for both. When Jake tells his stupid fishing stories, and the Marlin is two feet bigger than last time, BAM! Slap that Bullshit Button and put him in his place. 

Not this time, Jake. Not this time.

Talkie Toys That’s Bullshit Button 

If there’s one thing guys love as much as their balls (and we don’t mean the other part), it’s joking about their balls. Happy Nuts Ball Deodorant jokes about balls while making them smell better. Not many companies can make that claim.

We don’t want stinky nuts, and we can assume our friends don’t either. That fact makes this a perfect gift for any guy on any occasion.

Everyone has their thing. Personally, this writer loves a good graphic tee. Other guys are into fun socks. This set is 80% cotton, 17% polyamide, and 100% comedy gold for sock lovers. It even comes in an actual mini pizza box. The set comes with pepperoni, four cheese, and Hawaiin (admit it or not, Hawaiian pizza is delicious). 

Rainbow Socks Pizza Socks Boxed Set

Some men say plush toys are for children. To those men we say, have you seen the Sencu Banana Man (or squishmallows, for that matter)? In the same vein as the Swan-Thing, Banana man is the best funny little house-mate you could ask for and will never fail to make you smile.

Sencu Plush Banana Man 

What To Look For When Buying Funny Gifts For Men

The Occasion (birthday, Christmas, etc.)

The occasion can make or break a gift. With some gag gifts for men, timing is everything. I mean, a box of jerky in the shape of a heart would look very out of place under a Christmas tree, and some beard ornaments might be pretty weird for valentines day. You have to plan accordingly.

Maybe try looking for something that will be appropriate for the season. Something like the Inflatable Swan-Thing might fit the bill if they have a summer birthday. And what better way to make the holidays special than with a sequined Nicolas Cage pillow portraying his iconic, simple smile? There is no better way. 

plants with eyes on the leafs
Uncommon Goods

Type of Funny Gift

Knowing the type of funny gift for men you want to buy is always necessary. A gag shirt gets the job done, but it’s pretty basic stuff. For those with more refined tastes, things like gag-gift boxes exist that will make them think you bought them a potpourri-filled butt-plug or a portable urinal that straps onto their belt.

Lifestyle and Interests

Lifestyle and interests are also equally important as the occasion. If you buy your Grandpa a chew toy shaped like a joint or a bong for his dog, he might not think it’s amusing. He probably doesn’t even know what a bong is (unless you have a super chill grandpa). 

On the other hand, if you buy him a toilet timer, he’ll surely “get a kick out of it,” to quote most Grandpas. Even if Dad or Gramps is a true grouch, men will almost always laugh at a good poop or dick joke whether they try and act mature or not.


    • Anything that might make that man in your life laugh. A funny gift can be highly personal, depending on how well you know the person, or painfully bland. Check out the guide above to avoid boring funny gifts. 

      We put together a guide with some of the best funny gifts for men on the market, so take advantage of it.

      • All gag gifts are funny, but not all funny gifts are gags. With gag gifts, the joke is on the giftee. They’ll probably laugh too, but we’re more laughing at them than with them. There’s a slew of excellent gag gift boxes I recommend everyone check out. They work on any occasion and are impossible not to love.

        It’s all about the shock and confusion. The best gag gifts for men will make him honestly believe you bought him a pair of cargo socks (which do exist to an extent) or a nap sleeve to throw over his head for public snoozing. Remember to make sure there are people around to witness the reaction (you might even want to record it). 

        Just don’t go buying fake lottery tickets, please. Tricking Uncle Carl into thinking he won a million dollars might seem like a good idea on paper, but it can end very, very badly. When the poor bastard realizes his crippling debt is going nowhere and subsequently falls apart, the holiday could get a little awkward. Plus, your emotionally unstable Uncle may attack you. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

        Just follow our guide, and you’ll be safe. You can trust us on that.

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