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14 Of The Best Rings For Men To Elevate Your Everyday Look (2022 Edition)

Looking for a way to spice up your usual everyday outfit? Put a ring on it. When you think of the best rings for men, one of the following might come to mind; a rapper’s huge diamond ring, an Italian mafia pinky ring, or a simple wedding ring. Long gone are days when rings for men have been limited to the hip-hop scene or just a love symbol.

Harry Styles, Johnny Depp, and Justin Bieber rocking rings on every finger is more than enough proof to show that rings for men are now in style. Slipping on some rings like a chain necklace, gold bracelet, or stud earrings can instantly elevate your outfit confidence.  

Man laying on side dressed in a black shirt and slacks wearing the best rings for men on hands
@hurleyburleyjewellery / Instagram

With rings for men coming in all shapes, materials, and colors, it can be intimidating to shop for one, especially if you’re new to jewelry. From the brands you need to know and styles you shouldn’t miss, we’ve picked out the best rings for men you can shop for right now. 

Keep reading to find the best rings for men to fit your lifestyle and aesthetic.

Our Top Picks

The best ring for the average guy looking to step up his style is Mejuri’s Slim Rectangular Signet Ring. Mejuri is known for its minimal design, high-quality craftsmanship, and fair pricing, which makes them the perfect brand for beginners and jewelry lovers alike. 

If you’re concerned about coming across as too feminine with a ring, don’t worry. This men’s signet ring is the ideal width that isn’t too flashy, while the rectangular design and matte finish give it some masculine edge. Made with titanium, it’s lightweight and durable, making it the perfect ring for everyday wear.

This ring is so versatile it goes well with everything. Style it with your casual outfits or even wear it with suits for an ultimate classy look.

14 of the best rings for men to elevate your everyday look 2022 edition 1

If you’re searching for ‘the’ wedding ring you won’t regret getting after decades, go for Tiffany & Co.’s Wedding Band Ring. Women love their Tiffanys, and there’s no reason men shouldn’t love it too. 

As the most classic and sleek option of them all, this original creation is one that will truly never go out of style. It’s simple, elegant, and versatile. Plus, platinum is also an ideal material for wedding rings—it’s the most durable metal (more so than gold) and lasts a lifetime.

Don’t forget to take advantage of their engraving to make your wedding band uniquely yours. It’s complimentary, so why not?

14 of the best rings for men to elevate your everyday look 2022 edition 2

Promise rings are popular nowadays for confirming commitment before getting officially engaged. If you are looking for one, King Will’s Titanium Wedding Ring is a great, budget-friendly choice.

Whatever your case may be, promise rings are usually temporary. You’ll only wear them until you upgrade to an engagement ring or a wedding band. For that reason, we recommend splurging on a wedding band you’ll wear forever (hopefully) and opting for a more affordable promise ring. 

King Will’s titanium ring offers a timeless design with a stepped edge, and the comfortable fit is ideal even for first-time ring wearers.

14 of the best rings for men to elevate your everyday look 2022 edition 3

There are so many reasons to go for a silicone band like this one from Enso Rings. Perfect for guys who work with their hands a lot, are always at the gym, or can’t miss a day of golf—no, they won’t affect your backswing. Do you hate having to take your ring off for basic life activities like working, cooking, or even showering? Some of the best rings for men are here to save you from trouble.

The best rings for men, in this case, silicone rings, are safe and comfortable, preventing any risks of ring avulsion or the dreaded amputation. It’s flexible enough to provide ultra comfort for swelling fingers, and the breathable channels promote airflow to keep your fingers dry. 

The classic and minimal design looks almost as sleek as the traditional metal ring but feels thousand times more comfortable. Not to mention the affordable price—so much more peace of mind about losing it. Trust us. Silicone rings are a whole new world. You’ll thank us later.

14 of the best rings for men to elevate your everyday look 2022 edition 4

If you love gold, you probably already own a few gold accessories like a gold watch, bracelet, or necklace. Miansai’s Cirque Gold Ring is the perfect new addition to your collection. Making you feel as low-key baller as ever, this gold ring will instantly elevate your outfit and boost your confidence.

Miansai is a go-to brand for men’s jewelry, offering loads of high-quality and artful pieces that are meticulously crafted. This cirque ring is thin and subtle but definitely makes a statement with the gold. It’s buffed and polished in a way that gives it a unique matte shine. 

It’s as minimal as it can get. Wear it solo for a simple, sophisticated look, or stack it with other of the best rings for men to create a more experimental look.

14 of the best rings for men to elevate your everyday look 2022 edition 5

The best silver ring for men who strive for zen and a minimal aesthetic is Le Gramme’s Le 5 Polished Sterling Silver Ring. Le Gramme is truly a minimalist’s heaven, offering simple yet sophisticated designs. They’re often just what you were looking for.

Crafted in France with 5g of brushed sterling silver (you guessed it—hence the name Le 5), this ring is not too shiny nor too matte, giving it the ideal amount of bling. If you’re afraid of appearing too ostentatious, this is the perfect understated piece for you. Note the ‘5g’ weight and moniker stamped on the ring, which is their brand signature. Definitely an ‘if you know you know’ detail only the fans would recognize. 

This ring is a smart everyday piece you’ll never want to take off. 

14 of the best rings for men to elevate your everyday look 2022 edition 6

Nothing is more meaningful than Cartier’s LOVE collection when it comes to locking in your feelings. This classic collection has been a symbol of free-spirited love since the ‘70s. The binding closure and screw motif portray a meaning of true permanence, which makes it so suitable for an engagement ring. 

This classic engagement ring in yellow gold is the best of both worlds. The design is simple and elegant, while the thicker band and screw details make it feel more masculine than your average ring. As a style that will age nicely into a vintage gem, this engagement ring will definitely be a keeper. You may even promote it to be your wedding band.

You and your partner can matchy-match the look with Cartier’s LOVE rings. Or, if her ring finger is already occupied, gift her a complementing LOVE bracelet. 

If you’re the punk New Yorker type who wears all black every day, Tom Wood’s Oval Satin Ring is the best black ring for you. With their minimal and captivating pieces, Tom Wood quickly became a must-know designer for men’s jewelry.

This BLACK edition ring is made in 925 sterling silver, plated with black ruthenium. The matted, optimal dark finish gives off the ultimate macho feel that makes you feel invincible and confident. 

Some the best rings for men can often get boring, especially if they’re just plain black. However, we love how the plating will fade gradually depending on wear and tear. Get ready for this ring to evolve with your lifestyle and become uniquely yours over time. 

14 of the best rings for men to elevate your everyday look 2022 edition 8

Some men prefer titanium rings for their lightweight and wearable qualities. If this is you, look no further—go for Mejuri’s 6mm Smooth Band. 

Titanium is Mejuri’s strongest, super-durable material. It’s perfect for the rough guys afraid of damaging their rings. It’s fairly resistant to scratches, and it’s lightweight enough to live on your finger 24/7, which makes it ideal if you work with your hands a lot.

Featuring a smooth, semi-matte finish, Mejuri’s smooth band is great to style with a casual look for brunches and date nights. It’ll be your new favorite way to add some pizzazz to boring outfits.

14 of the best rings for men to elevate your everyday look 2022 edition 9

If you’re down to glam up your look, David Yurman’s Streamline Two-Row Band is our pick for you. This piece is not the average diamond ring you expect to see on your newly engaged colleague. It’s made with black titanium and black diamonds that leave you looking and feeling virile. 

Black diamonds are quite rare—the exact reason why you’ve almost never seen them before. These rare gemstones were meticulously set by hand. What we love most is that it gives off just the right amount of sparkle without looking too girly. And don’t worry, you won’t end up looking like a New York Diamond District dealer either.

As a guaranteed compliment getter, this diamond ring will bring out the inner rockstar in you. 

14 of the best rings for men to elevate your everyday look 2022 edition 10

Pinky rings are often synonymous with signet rings (often synonymous with the best rings for men…see what we did there?). There’s a long-standing history of men wearing signet rings on their pinkies to indicate their wealth and status. We’ve seen this a lot in old-school movies (The Godfather, much?), and today, pinky rings have become more of a fashion statement. 

Keep it light-hearted with Maria Black’s Wave Ring. This sterling silver piece is plated with white rhodium for extra tarnish resistance, and the wave design gives it a serene feel that will bring out your inner peace.

Pro tip—be sure to measure your pinky and size down if you are in-between sizes for a more snug fit. It’s the worst feeling to look down and see a ringless pinky.

As for anything skull-related, always go straight to the source—Alexander McQueen. Skulls have been the brand’s signature motif for almost 20 years. This skull gold tone is a classic example of designer rings that all skull-loving rockstars will drool over. 

You want to avoid looking too kitschy like a high school goth with skull items, and this one’s just right. The open shape with cast skulls on either end and an overall antique finish give it a very subtle look that isn’t too overwhelming or loud. 

Wear this piece with pride for your self-expression. We envision it styled with others of the best rings for men, maybe with a more antique effect and a chain bracelet, skinny jeans, or even a skull tattoo for a rebellious look.

14 of the best rings for men to elevate your everyday look 2022 edition 12

If you want to make a statement with your ring, Hatton Labs’ signet ring is our favorite choice at the moment. Featuring a striking blue resin and sapphire on the side, this ring is a gorgeous statement piece that will add a nice pop of color to any outfit.

You’ll want to hit the nightclub with this one. With the chunky aesthetic, this ring gives off a casual and sexy vibe. Wear it solo on one finger to make it the star of the show.

It’s probably not the best for everyday wear, but it is a fun alternative for occasional weekend wear and nights out with the guys. 

14 of the best rings for men to elevate your everyday look 2022 edition 13

If you can pick your own color and engrave your name (or motto) on your ring, why not go for it? Available on Amazon with over 1.6k positive reviews, LerchPhi’s affordable custom ring is the best bang for your buck.

This custom ring isn’t confined to engraving your name on a designated area with limited characters. The experience is so much more personalized. You can add your custom text on the outside and inside, and the best part is that you can even add special symbols from their list. How about your zodiac sign, a cross, or a crown symbol? 

This is the best way to express yourself on a budget. And it’s also an amazing gift idea for your loved one—it comes in an exquisite ring box that really levels up the unboxing experience.

14 of the best rings for men to elevate your everyday look 2022 edition 14

What to Look for When Looking For The Best Rings for Men


There are several options for the best rings for men, each with its own pros and cons. Gold, silver, titanium, platinum, and silicone are the most common. Consider these questions before you decide. Do you care about durability and weight? How long do you want your ring to last? What’s your budget? Platinum is the most luxurious, titanium is durable and lightweight, gold is valuable and timeless, silver is affordable, and silicone is safe and comfortable. 

man wearing blue signet ring and pear bracelet
Mr Porter / Hatton Labs


There are more styles to the best rings for men than a wedding band. Signet rings have a flat face and often go on your pinky. All other best rings for men fall into the fashion category, serving as decorative accessories for self-expression. Read more about the different styles of rings here.


When you’re purchasing a ring, size is crucial. The circumference of the ring will determine the finger it will best fit on. Also, think about the width of the band. For the everyday-type best rings for men like a wedding band, go for thinner bands that are more wearable, comfortable, and lightweight. Experiment with wider bands if you want to make a statement and wear it for fashion styling purposes. 


    • When shopping for a ring, make sure it slides over your knuckle of choice with a little friction and fits snugly. It should feel comfortable without feeling too tight. Keep in mind that your fingers tend to swell depending on the temperature and time of day, so make sure it isn’t too loose. 

      • You’ll wear engagement and wedding rings on your left ring finger. Most single guys tend to leave that finger empty. Signet rings usually go on the pinky because it’s the most traditional and visually appealing. But as for all other fingers, too. It’s totally up to you what type of ring you put on. The easiest solution is to wear what fits snugly on each finger if you are going for a multiple-ring look.

        • The simplest way to style the best men’s rings is to wear them solo on one finger. This look is the most sophisticated and versatile, and it’ll most likely go well with any of your outfits, casual or formal. If you’re down to experiment, style your hands with multiple rings of similar metals and colors for a glammed-up look. If that’s your aesthetic, we suggest keeping your outfit pretty simple to really draw attention to your fingers.

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