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12 Of The Best Men’s Camo Pants You Can Actually See (2022 Edition)

While men’s camo pants invoke thoughts of war, military, hunting, and other quintessential manly activities, camouflage is also making quite the splash in men’s high fashion. Once a niche look that was reserved for outdoorsy events, jokes about not being able to see someone or Halloween festivities, men’s camo pants are now a staple in fashion-conscious man’s wardrobe. 

Camouflage has been around for hundreds, if not thousands of years (at least that’s how we feel), with the print that we think of most evolving from 19th-century modern war tactics during World War I. While the American military only made camo their official uniform in the 1980s, camo as a high-end fashion piece can be dated back to when it graced the pages of Vogue in the 1940s. 

Unfortunately, if you’re not careful, incorporating camouflage pants into your wardrobe can go one of two ways: 1.) looking uncomfortable, out of pocket, and like you’re trying too hard or 2.) looking effortlessly cool and incredibly fashion-forward. 

Luckily, we compiled the best men’s camo pants for you to choose from in a range of styles, fits, and camo prints. Not only does this list include iconic workwear brands, they also include the high-end fashion houses that have dabbled in this distinctive print, so you have a variety of pants for men to choose from.  

Men's Camo Pants
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Whether you’re looking for relaxed joggers or structured fits that you could dress up for a night out, this list has you covered at all price points: super cheap and not so cheap, but not too wildly expensive. 

Keep reading for the best men’s camo pants to buy today. 

Our Top Picks

Since forming this division in 1989, Carhartt Work In Progress (WIP) has continued the legacy of Hamilton Carhartt of evolving workwear in the fashion realm, while still remaining true to the brand origins. Their straight leg, Aviation Camo Cargo trouser is no exception. Perfect for the man who loves to mix fashion with utility, these men’s camo pants will keep you moving in style.

Made from a camouflage-print cotton-twill, these pants are equipped with practical pockets and drawstring cuffs to help adjust the fit, even though the fit is true to size with its straight leg and mid-rise waist. A stand-out feature of these pants? The camouflage print. Instead of the basic print pattern we’re used to seeing, Carhartt gets artistic, creating a stand-out piece that will be the center of any outfit. 

That said, make sure to pair these pants with a solid-colored top, either beige, white, or black. If you can, your top and your jacket should match to keep the outfit neutral so that the pants can shine. If you’re using the pants for an outdoor event, pair them with boots. If you’re just going out on the town, a pair of chucks may just do the trick. 

Sizes: UK/US 30-38 | Material: 100% Cotton | Pattern: Camo | Care: Machine wash

12 of the best mens camo pants you can actually see 2022 edition 1

While Urban Outfitters isn’t truly a vintage store, these men’s camo pants are indeed vintage, making these the perfect pair for the man who likes his clothes to be – and feel – authentic. Each pair of these pants are unique also, meaning what you see may not necessarily be what you get. While this may be daunting, it means that you will have a clothing staple that’s wholly unique and that you can style as you please.  

Since these pants are on the baggier side, we recommend pairing them with a solid-colored crew neck or hoodie and a pair of SB dunks or skater sneakers. These pants pair best in a casual setting and while you can always dress up anything, keeping this outfit more low key for running errands, hanging out, or even a casual date.  

Sizes: S-L | Material: Cotton, Polyester | Pattern: Camo | Care: Machine wash

12 of the best mens camo pants you can actually see 2022 edition

See what we did there? We would be remiss to skip at least one pair of classic cargo shorts that have made camouflage what it is. And, we know, we know – Abercrombie doesn’t exactly come to mind when we talk about men’s fashion. But the brand has really made a shift in the past few years, and these camo shorts are ideal for the man who wants to give camo a try, but not necessarily go all in yet (see what we did again?)

With a very classic camo print – if you blink you might miss it – these shorts for men are made of to-be-expected cotton. They are perfect for your (semi) daily mental-health walk or just running around town.

If you’re working (or walking) out, pair them with a breathable T-shirt or compression shirt and your sneakers. If you’re wearing them out, dress them up a bit with a jean jacket, white t-shirt and your shiny, non-workout sneakers, and a pair of sunnies. 

Sizes: 26-36W | Material: 100% Cotton | Pattern: Camo | Care: Machine wash cold 

12 of the best mens camo pants you can actually see 2022 edition 2

If the California streetwear brand is doing camo, you should be doing camo. At the forefront of literally every men’s fashion trend, Stussy knows what they are doing and wouldn’t lead you astray.

Sitting in the comfortable balance between workwear and utility wear (and even streetwear), these men’s camo pants are made from cotton canvas and feature an all-over camo print, five pockets, reinforced knees, and a utilitarian hammer loop. So whether you’re running around, skating, or just strolling around, these pants will be both fashionable and practical. 

They also stand out because of their more unique camo print, making it unlike other men’s camo pants on the market. This also means they will be the main focal point of your outfit. Keep it casual with a black tee, a black leather jacket, and black sneakers for an edgy and cool look. 

Sizes: 30”-36” | Material: 100% Cotton canvas | Pattern: Camo | Care: Machine wash 

For the man who wants a daily take on historical clothing, look no further than Nigel Cabourn. With most of the designs inspired by history and vintage military aesthetics, these camo pleated chinos are no different. Inspired by 1930’s cricket pants with a military twist, they are perfect to be dressed up, dressed down, and everything in between. 

Made from camo-covered cotton that is designed to fade over time, these pants will be a staple for years to come. Also, since they are chinos, you can dress them up for dressier events – including dates, happy hours, and if your office is low key, even for work. 

If you want to go with a dressier vibe, we suggest a brown turtleneck and brown boots. If it’s cold add a beige fleece vest. Wearing colors like cream, beige, and brown will suit these pants based on the type of camouflage print they sport. Also with the fact that it will fade, you want to keep the rest of the outfit in the same colorway to avoid washing it out. 

 Sizes: 30” – 32”  | Material: 100% Cotton | Pattern: Camo | Care: Machine wash

Not all men’s camo pants need to be sturdy for the outdoors. For the men who enjoy staying in most of the week but still want to partake in the camo pant trend, the L.L. Bean fleece men’s camo pants are perfect for cozy nights in cooking, watching t.v., enjoying a really great book – or scrolling for hours on social media. 

With a cooler version of camouflage – think grays instead of beiges – these will definitely fit better in your winter indoor wardrobe. The fact that it is made of fleece also makes it the perfect staple for snow days. 

Of course, we don’t recommend you wear this out on the town. Instead, keep it cozy-casual with a henley top, crew neck sweater, or a hoodie (and a pair of comfy slippers) for those days you just can’t imagine going outside. 

Sizes: S – XXL  | Material: 90% Recycled Polyester/ 10% Jersey Polyester | Pattern: Hunter Heath Camo | Care: Machine wash and dry 

12 of the best mens camo pants you can actually see 2022 edition 3

We love when vintage meets modern and trendy – and if you’re like us, then these Todd Synder Desert Camo Chinos will have you opening your wallet to make the next sale. While one of the pricier men’s camo pants on this list, it will definitely be worth it when these pants continue to wow for years to come. 

The fabric for these pants are imported from Japan, consisting of special cotton with a dry, soft hand feel. Coming in a straight fit with design details that include a melamine button fly that only enhances the military vibes, these pants are a great way to add some flair to your outfit. 

You can style these pants in a few ways. From a crisp oxford shirt and blazer, an oversized t-shirt and skater sneakers, or a crew neck sweatshirt and boots, you can have fun with these pants. You could also take it positively military and wear the matching desert camo long sleeve from Todd Synder. 

Sizes: 30 – 36  | Material: 100% Cotton | Pattern: Dessert Camo | Care: Machine wash 

While camo cargo pants are leading the charge for this trend, camo joggers are clearly the underdog. And these joggers from the underdog in the fashion world, GAP, are perfect for the man who wants some elevated athleisure in his life. GAP is great for fashion staples and everyday elevated basics, and at this price – you can’t go wrong buying them just to see if they make an impact. 

Made with their Gapflex technology for extra flexibility, total comfort, and a perfect fit, each pair of these joggers are engineered to be your durable, on-the-go pants that will keep you comfortable no matter what life may throw at you. 

Pair these joggers with a white T-shirt and denim jacket for a cool look, or make it more athletic with a long sleeve T-shirt and sneakers. You could also take a bit of a daring route and pair it with a beige or cream-colored cardigan and slips for a real laid-back but polished look. 

Sizes: XS – XXL  | Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex | Pattern: Camo | Care: Machine wash 

12 of the best mens camo pants you can actually see 2022 edition 5

Levi’s is definitely the king when it comes to denim, but when they also experiment with camo chinos, they rise to the top. For the man who wants something a bit different but not totally out there, try these XX Camo chinos. 

With their regular straight leg fit and camouflage print, this pair also sports two cheeky embroidered patches to keep that child-like enthusiasm for life in your wardrobe. Levi’s also brings a difference in craftsmanship, using a soft twill that will keep your skin happy. Made with their take on the chino material, they’re softer, and over time, they take on a look and feel unique to you and goes with almost anything. 

For these chinos, we recommend a layered look – or even a flannel – with sneakers. Accessorize with a beanie or sunnies for a chill, laid-back look. 

Sizes: 29 – 36 | Material: 70% Cotton, 30% Hemp | Pattern: Camo | Care: Machine wash 

Featuring a tapered fit and white/gray camo print, these pants are comfortable, stylish, utilitarian, and won’t put a huge dent in your wallet. Also flipping the print with a more unusual colorway opens up more possibilities for outfit choices and styles. 

If you want to be safe (but still a bit risky because stains follow you everywhere), pair with a white hoodie and sneakers. If you want to get really unique, pair with a bright-colored top and white sneakers for a bold, eye-catching look. 

Sizes: 32 – 36 | Material: Soft Twill | Pattern: Camo | Care: Machine wash 

Known as fashion’s best kept “secret”, Boohoo Man combines cutting-edge design with an affordable price tag. So for all my hypebeasts, on-to-the-next trend men out there, this brand – and these lilac camo cargo pants – are for you. 

What makes these pants wholly unique is the fact that instead of green, beige, or even white camouflage, Boohoo Man goes beyond the basics to give you a lilac camo. Who knew purple could look so tough? The straight-fit cargo pants also pack a lot of pockets and have a relaxed, comfortable fit that will keep you stylish and comfortable. 

Unfortunately, since it’s SO unique, creating an outfit may prove difficult, especially if this is the only loud piece in your closet. Start off matching it with white neutrals to keep the focus on the pants and as you get comfier in your own skin, add other purple or lilac pieces – like a sweatshirt – to the mix. 

Sizes: 28 – 36 | Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Elastane | Pattern: Camo | Care: Machine wash 

Known for their preppy style and schoolboy charm, these men’s camo pants is a bit of a venture for this fashion house. Luckily, they did it right. For the man who usually dressed preppy but wants to shake things up, try these on for size.

Crafted from 100% cotton, Ralph Lauren covered these pants in military-inspired camo print, a plethora of pockets, and the brand’s utility polo brand patch on the back because of course they would. 

Perfect when paired with a white T-shirt, leather jacket, and slicked-back hair, you can turn your otherwise preppy demeanor into the bad boy you’ve always wanted to be. Or keep some of your prep with an oxford and blazer and boots and give a hint of edginess with these pants. Either way, it’s a win. 

Sizes: 30 – 36 | Material: 100% Cotton | Pattern: Camo | Care: Machine wash 

What to look for in men’s camo pants


When choosing your men’s camo pants, the type of fit you want is important to keep in mind. Whether it’s a straight, jogger, tapered, or baggy fit – or a fit with lots and lots of pockets – whatever you choose will affect how you style it. 

For example, a baggier fit will look best with sneakers (boots can make you appear a bit too military), while a straight fit will work best on a daily basis and can even be dressed up depending on the style. 

Men's Camo Pants
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Men’s camo pants aren’t just fashionable, they are also great for outdoor activities. The type of men’s camo pants you choose should also take into consideration what type of activity you plan to wear them for. 

For example, a thicker material, multi-pocket cargo pants would be best for outdoor activities like hiking, riding, ATV driving, etc. Meanwhile, a lighter, cotton camo chino would work best for date night, casual hangouts, work, happy hours, etc. 

Camo pattern & color

Lastly, the pattern and color of your camo can make a huge difference for your wardrobe. For example, if your wardrobe is made of lots of greens and beiges, then a green/beige vintage coloring and patterns would work best. 

If you have a wardrobe that is multi-colored, a gray or white camo may work best. Also, depending on your vibe, some patterns can get a bit too military. 


    • A pair of pants of any material, but mostly canvas or cotton, that features a camouflage print. Camo pants have been around for thousands of years, but are best known for their use in modern-day militaries. 

      • Depending on the material, color, and fit, there are many things you can wear with camo pants. T-shirts, leather jackets, boots, sneakers, blazers, etc are all commonly worn with men’s camo pants. 

        • Camo pants definitely lean closer to the casual end of the spectrum, so a T-shirt, jean jacket, leather jacket and sneakers will usually do. However, if you want to dress it up, you can add a blazer and boots. 

          • Sneakers and boots are usually the best shoes to wear with camo pants. However, if you’re daring, you could try a different shoe – it may just not look as great as it could. 

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