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11 Riddles That Will Wake You Up Better Than Coffee

People who solve at least 10 riddles a week have 60% faster reactions and can get out of dangerous situations 40% more easily than those who don’t. Ok, maybe it’s not really like that. But riddles DO improve your memory and concentration! Scientists have long proved that solving hard puzzles increases your IQ level and boosts your brain.

Riddles can also help us think outside the box — if practiced often enough. So mind teasers are so much more than simple games. Okay, are you ready for the challenge? Try these puzzles out, and check your results at the end!

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A Menacing House 0:23
An Encrypted Note 1:35
A Mirror Mystery 2:23
A Stolen Car 3:36
An Unfriendly Shop Owner 4:28
A Rabbit Puzzle 5:22
A Hotel Theft 5:57
Move a Cup 7:00
A Stolen Turkey 7:32
An Unlucky Skydiver 8:36
A Dream Job 9:33
Your results 10:13

– Michael got lost when he was mushroom hunting. After hours of trying to find his way out of the woods, he came across a house that seemed to be deserted. He then heard an eerie voice, “You’ve entered my home uninvited, but you won’t leave it so easily!” Michael found himself in a room with 3 doors. Which one should he open?
– Mark was a detective working on a difficult case when one day, he just disappeared! The only thing he left behind was a mysterious encrypted note. Who did kidnap the detective?
– You get lost in the woods on a dark stormy night. You come upon a lonesome castle and knock on the door. The owner greets you with an odd request: “You have to answer just one question. If you win, I’ll provide you with food and a warm bed, and in the morning, I’ll show you the way out of the forest. But if you lose, you’ll never leave my castle again!”
– On Tuesday afternoon, a man came to the police station and said that his car had been stolen. Detective Brown examined the scene and immediately knew who the criminal was. Have you figured it out?
– Jacob owned an electronics store in a small town. A new $1,000 gaming console had just hit the shelves! A man rushed in to make a purchase. He asked for a console and handed Jacob two bills. But the store owner immediately called the police. Why?
– You’ve bought a cute little rabbit at a pet store. The animal can breed every 2 months, and each time, it’ll deliver 5 babies. How many rabbits will you have in a year?
– Newlyweds Maria and Daniel went to an island in the Indian Ocean for their honeymoon. They stayed in a luxurious hotel. But one day, when they returned from dinner, they found that someone had broken into their safe and stolen all of Maria’s jewelry. Who was the thief?
– Take a look at this picture. You must move just 1 cup in the top row so that they’ll be arranged in the same order as the cups in the bottom row.
– A very distressed farmer came to the police complaining that someone had stolen his biggest most valuable turkey. The police officer asked to examine the house, and after a couple minutes, he knew who’d stolen the turkey. And how about you?
– Nick was an experienced skydiver, but one day, something went terribly wrong. A strong wind blew him into the forest, and the man found himself among dense trees with no food or water. Which path should Nick take?
– Tyler is just 24 years old, but he already works for a big, successful company. He always flies first class and stays at the best hotels. He doesn’t sell or buy anything, but he spends a lot of time with wealthy business people. When he talks, people listen to him attentively. There’s no way the company could go without his expertise. What is Tyler’s occupation?

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