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11 Best Shirt Stays For Men – Control Any Unruly Formal Wear


11 Best Shirt Stays For Men There’s no worse feeling than having your perfectly tucked-in shirt start to creep up. Maybe you’ve tried folding the sides or wearing a tighter belt, or (god forbid) even tucking your shirt into your boxers, all to no avail. But did you know a solution to this age-old problem actually exists?

Enter: the best shirt stays. This nifty device ensures a tight tuck every time. These little contraptions typically work by clipping a piece of elastic onto a shirt hem and a pair of socks for an all-day-hold. Though at this point, there are dozens of styles, all with the same end goal: a flawlessly tucked-in shirt.

So whether it’s required for your uniform or you’re simply sick of looking like a slob, keep reading for the best shirt stays for men that will keep your shirt looking crisp through thick or thin. Here’s our complete round-up of the best options on the market today.

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Our Top Picks

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Recently relaunched with an upgraded design, the 2.0 version of these shirt stays features high-quality, non-slip clasps that are much stronger than the previous iteration. They clip into three places to guarantee an all-day hold, with a comfortable garter belt that’s soft enough for long wear.

The only drawback is size really does matter, so be sure to take accurate measurements of your thigh for a snug fit. Otherwise, you run the risk of the shirt stays slipping down your leg and losing maximum hold as the garter isn’t adjustable. That said, these discrete shirt stays will keep you tucked, whether you’re getting down on the dance floor or breaking out spontaneous yoga poses in the office.

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Colors available: Black | Closure: Clip | Strap: Non adjustable | Style: Garter

NV Holders 2.0 Premium Shirt Stays

For a slightly parred back version of the shirt stays above, this garter-style gadget has strategically placed clips. Rather than only clipping onto one section of the shirt, this pair of shirt stays has clips in the front, back, and sides to keep your shirt locked and loaded in prime position.

Known for being supremely comfortable, this pair of garter-style shirt stays are ideal for professional use thanks to the heavy-duty construction and non-slip clips. Just be sure to find a comfortable place for the clips in the back of the shirt for obvious reasons. No one wants to sit down on a hard piece of metal.

Colors available: Black, White, Beige | Closure: Clip | Strap: Adjustable | Style: Garter

Kedofe Adjustable Garter Shirt Stays

If you prefer an old-school Y-shape that connects a shirt to your socks, these polo shirt stays are really some of the best in the world. They’re designed with comfort in mind, which means no rubbing elastic against your legs. Minimal slippage and maximum package. While they were created for heavy-duty use, they’re also suitable for professional wear, whether you’re a police officer, teacher, or sitting in the boardroom all day.

Each leg gets a single strap, which clips onto the shirt in two places. While they’re absurdly comfortable (you’ll forget they’re even there), you may find that your shirt untucks a bit in the front or back. To mitigate this, simply spread the clips out a bit further on your shirt for a long-term hold.

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Colors available: Black, White | Closure: Clip | Strap: Adjustable | Style: Y-Style

World’s Best Shirt Stays

If you’re looking for shirt stays for the everyday man, look no further than KK & Jay. Established in 2014, these handmade shirt stays from Brooklyn, New York are available in more than 20 patterns and colors with cotton blended elastic fabric designed for comfort, durability, and discreet style. They also have an extra special feature that prevents the fabric of your shirt from twisting and turning, keeping your look crisp and together all day long.

Their fabric-backed garter grips also offer maximum comfort and the ability to stay in place for long periods of time. The company also offers suspenders, so if you don’t want to hide your style, you have quality options to keep everything together in the open.

Colors available: 20+ options | Closure: No-Slip Clip | Strap: Adjustable | Style: Y-Style

info photo of how shirt stays work from KK&Jay

Just because they belong under your clothes doesn’t mean your shirt stays can’t look good. This pair from FancyBoy lives up to the name, with a sharp gray check pattern and premium materials. With an extra soft construction, this Y-shaped pair of best men’s shirt stays feels gentle against the skin while packing a full punch in terms of function. The clips are strong enough for an all-day hold yet delicate enough to keep your nicest shirts damage free.

With overwhelmingly positive feedback, these dress shirt stays are a fan favorite. The only drawback is they’re slightly more expensive than other Y-shaped shirt stays. But you get what you pay for. If quality and style are what you’re after, it doesn’t get much better than this.

Colors available: Grey Check | Closure: Clip | Strap: Adjustable | Style: Y-Style

FancyBoy Signature Gray Check Shirt Stays

These stirrup shirt stays go beyond just cowboy attire. Innovatively designed for supreme comfort, they clip onto your shirt and then hook around your foot. Yes, it may seem counterintuitive and uncomfortable to wear a piece of elastic in your shoe, but it’s surprisingly practical. The design is fully adjustable to keep the elastic or metal clips from rubbing against your legs, creating a much more pleasant shirt stay experience.

There is a single issue you may run into with stirrup-style shirt stays—they’re not easily adjusted once on. If the elastic begins to slip at all, you’ll need to make a beeline for the closest men’s room because this is not something you can fix in public.

Colors available: Black | Closure: Clip | Strap: Adjustable | Style: Stirrup

Comfy Clothiers Stirrup Shirt Stays

If these stirrup-style shirt stays keep Marines perfectly tucked, you know they’re high quality. This pair is made from ultra-soft elastic to prevent irritation, and the heavy-duty construction will keep them from fraying even after plenty of use.

With robust clips to handle anything life throws your way, these shirt stays can be worn to the office, out on duty, or even on date night. Though you may want to skip bringing her back to your place because that means revealing your shirt-tucking secrets.

Colors available: Black, White | Closure: Clip | Strap: Adjustable | Style: Stirrup

Hold’Em Stirup Style Shirt Stays

If you can’t decide between classic or stirrup style shirt stays, you’re in luck. This pair offers a hybrid option for the best of both worlds. With both a thigh garter and stirrup attachment points, these shirt stays for men mean business. Adjust the length (and thigh band) to get the perfect fit. The metal clips and foot loop will do the rest to keep you tucked. If you prefer a Y-style shirt stay, there’s an option to forego the stirrups and clip the elastic onto socks instead.

However, keep in mind that since the second attachment loops around the foot, the pressure may cause the garter and clips to slip slightly. Leave enough slack, so everyone has enough room to breathe.

Colors available: Black | Closure: Clip | Strap: Adjustable | Style: Garter with Sitrrup or Y-Style

Upgraded Style Shirt Stays

It never hurts to stick with the OG shirt stay style. Each leg gets two elastic bands that connect to a shirt and socks—one in the front and one in the back. Not only will it keep your shirt looking crisp, but it will keep your socks in place, too.

Though the bands are completely adjustable, you may notice the elastic rubbing against their legs. You’re stuck with slightly more elastic than other pairs of shirt stays, but the trade-off here is a foolproof system that works every time.

Colors available: Black, White | Closure: Clips | Strap: Adjustable | Style: Original

Heavy Duty Shirt Stays

If you’d rather forego elastic running down your legs, this tuck-it-style shirt stay for men is a handy alternative. Instead of clipping onto a shirt, this nifty belt wraps around the wearer’s waist and stays hidden below the pants. So what keeps it from slipping down into the abyss? The clip actually hooks onto a shirt button to keep it stationary and has a grip lining to keep it from sliding around.

Though it’s a worthy alternative, some men may find that traditional shirt stays keep them tucked in better. This design may have more slippage, but it’s well worth considering if you can’t stand elastic rubbing against your skin.

Colors available: Black | Closure: Hook | Strap: Adjustable | Style: Belt

Tuck-It Belt Style Shirt Stay

If all else fails, give these magnetic shirt stays a go. While they aren’t quite as efficient as the type with clips, these discreet shirt stays utilize extra strong magnets to keep things in place. With a motto of ‘quit tuckin’ around,’ at least they get points for creativity.

Simply attach the magnets to each side of a shirt and tuck it in as usual. Though for a tighter hold, consider attaching the magnets slightly lower on the shirt than recommended, and the magnets will keep it stuck in place, so it doesn’t wiggle around. The added bonus is there’s no damage to any types of shirts since they don’t use clips like traditional shirt stays. But the downside is a less dependable hold and a bit of bulkiness from the magnets under the pants.

Colors available: Gunmetal, Smoke | Closure: Magnetic | Strap: N/A | Style: Magnetic

Magnetuck Magnetic Shirt Stays

What to Look for When Searching For The Best Shirt Stays

When it comes to choosing the right pair of shirt stays, these are the primary considerations to keep in mind.


The first consideration to think about is the style of shirt stay. There are a plethora of options to choose from, ranging from garter to stirrup to Y-shape and more. The style you choose ultimately comes down to what will be most comfortable for daily wear. There’s no point in choosing a style of shirt stays you’ll dread putting on.


You should also think about the closure or how the shirt stays attached to your garments. Some common styles of shirt stay closures include:

  • Original with two bands for each leg that clip to the shirt and sock
  • Stirrups, which loop around the foot and clip to the shirt
  • Y-style which clip onto two places on the shirt and again at the sock
  • Garters which wrap around the thigh and clip onto the shirt in several places
  • Belt closure which wraps around the wearer’s waist, over the shirt
  • Magnetic closures which use magnets to keep the shirt tucked in

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While clip closures tend to hold the best, they also risk damaging your clothing. If this is a primary concern, choose a shirt that stays with soft clips or a belt-style shirt that stays with no clips at all. 

man holding hands together in front of his stomach wearing double blue denim
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Most shirt stays have straps involved that majorly contribute to your comfort. Some are garter style that wraps around your thigh, and others run the entire length of your leg. Both types hold well, so it ultimately boils down to whether you want more or less elastic. And whatever you do, choose adjustable straps to get a perfect fit.

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It pays to choose a pair crafted from soft elastic materials that will be the most comfortable against your skin. However, softer elastics may lose their shape faster than weightier materials. It’s worth keeping in mind if you don’t want to replace your shirt stays as often.


    • Shirt stays are elastic straps worn under pants with clips that attach to a shirt to keep it tucked in. These days, there are several styles of shirt stays that range from garter, to stirrups, to a Y-shape and even belt-style shirt stays, all with the end goal of keeping your shirt tucked in.

      • How to wear shirt stays depends on the style. But typically, an elastic band stretches the length of your leg, and clips attach to the bottom of your shirt. Once your shirt stay is in place, put pants on, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

        • Here are some of the most common shirt stays and how to put them on:

          • Garter Style: Slip on and adjust the elastic thigh band, then secure clips to the bottom of your shirt.
          • Traditional Style: Attach the clips to the bottom of the shirt, run the elastic along the length of your leg and then clip them again to the sock.
          • Stirrup Style: Attach the clips to the bottom of the shirt and then slip the loop onto your foot over your sock.
          • Shirt stays are typically attached with heavy-duty clips that latch onto one or two points of clothing. Follow these steps for how to attach most styles of shirt stays:

            Step 1: Unfold your shirt stays and adjust them to the correct length.

            Step 2: Clip the top portion of the shirt stays to the bottom of your shirt. If your shirt stays are Y-style, make sure to spread the clips out evenly.

            Step 3: Run the shirt stays along the length of your leg and attach the second set of clips to your sock. Alternatively, if you’re wearing stirrup shirt stays, slip your foot through the loop over your sock.

            Step 4: Put on your pants over the shirt stays, and you’re ready to go.



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