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10 Tips to Motivate Yourself to Eat Healthy Foods

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It may be tough to keep a healthy lifestyle, especially if you hang out with people who are apt to eat for a nacho platter rather than a salad. But if you want to improve your life, you have two options: to make a progress or make excuses. The key to motivating yourself to have a healthy diet is to believe that you can do it.

You have probably made a lot of commitments to start eating health-giving foods regularly, but it seems that losing motivation to “eat right” is common. So how would you keep yourself motivated to eat only what is healthy? Well, worry no more because I have here 12 tips to encourage yourself to stick with a healthy diet.

1. Set a SMART goal and follow it.
Setting your goals is essential to your self-transformation. It provides focus, shapes your dreams, and gives you the ability to discipline yourself and achieve everything you desire in life. The path towards your aim may not be easy but setting your target is part of what makes life great and challenging.

Hence, to keep yourself motivated in eating beneficial foods, you need to set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and trackable (SMART) goals. Being specific and realistic with your objectives will keep you away from getting discouraged and will increase your chances of maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

To track your progress and keep you motivated with the comfort of you smart phone, you may use mobile apps such as Fooducate and MyFitnessPal. Since we can always bring these stuff with us, we can also bring our goal with us.

2. Start small.
Don’t pressure yourself to achieve a healthy routine too quickly. It is important to remember that a balanced diet is not a one-time project but a lifelong goal. Begin with something small that you can surely achieve, like eating green leafy veggies or drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day. Once you achieve this, you may now move on to something more difficult. You need to start at the very tip before you get to the top.

3. Keep nutritious food on hand.
It is not only necessary to bring nutritious snacks with you, but you should also keep the right chows in your kitchen. Keep unhealthy foodstuff out of the house so you won’t get tempted. Also, maintaining a healthy food supply will motivate you to cook meals that are good for your heart and body.

4. Be responsible.
Healthy eating is not difficult to attain if we have self-discipline and self-responsibility. If you really want to achieve a hale and hearty lifestyle, be responsible with your own body and choose the right food to eat. Your body is the home of your soul. What you do and what happens to it is your own responsibility. You cannot blame other people when you become sick in the future. No one can force you to eat harmful foods if you won’t really allow it. Thus, you must use self-will to achieve your goal.

5. Be patient and persistent.
Dealing with a healthy lifestyle requires patience, an important factor in weight management and maintaining a healthy way of life. Lack of patience will lead you to a short-sighted dieting decision. Take time to think and plan for a long-term success. You may experience some ups and downs while on the process, however, it takes patience and commitment to endure those challenges and establish a strong pattern. If you fail your objective in the first week, don’t be discouraged but start it over and over until you reach your goal. Remember that a plan is different from a goal. If your plan sucks, just change it but always stick to your goal.

6. Find someone to join you.
One thing that will motivate you to love healthy meals is asking a friend or your partner to join you on your healthy adventures. They will be your source of motivation and might even help you take your salubrious eating habits to a whole new level. You can encourage one another to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, you will realize that it is much easier rather than having it on your own.

If you are still single, find a partner who will inspire you to eat healthy. When you find someone who maintains a healthy diet, you will also likely find someone who has a sense of maturity, responsibility, and discipline. You can even challenge each other for a relationship goal. Exciting, isn’t it?

7. Be mentally strong.
When it comes to eating, we usually rely on our taste buds. We normally follow what our taste receptor cells want, whether they want something sweet, salty, sour, or bitter. However, our taste buddies only want what they used to taste. It’s difficult to force them to taste something healthy if they are not used to it. To transform your diet into a healthy habit, you have to rely on your brain cells rather than on your taste receptor cells. You have to think that healthy foods are good for your whole body, as well as for your life. Thus, let your mind teach your tongue. Eventually, your taste buds will get used to it and will thank your brain later.

8. Get rid of your frustration.
Your emotional frustration can weaken your mind, health, and well-being. When we are sad and frustrated, we tend to make eating sweets and other scrumptious foods as our last comfort. When we feel like all hope and excitements in the world are gone, we used to find joy in indulging ourselves with junk foods, sweetened chocolates, cakes, and other foods that can destroy our body if taken without moderation.

To avoid eating like there’s no tomorrow, overcome your frustration. Conquer your present self who is weak and battered by your own disappointment. To do that, imagine of and talk to your future self. The “you” in the future is affected by your current behaviors. If you will continue wrecking your body with unhealthy foods, your future self will surely become pathetic. Therefore, do something that will ensure the bright future of your beloved self.

9. Go to the gym.
If you have not tried going to the gym yet, try it! Not only that it will help you sweat to get in shape, but it will also force you to eat healthy. The reason is simple: when you invest some bucks for a membership fee and work like hell to burn your calories, you will be obliged to say goodbye to unhealthy meals, or else, your money, your muscle pain and your days of hard work will all be wasted. Spending time in the gym will also let you meet a lot of health-conscious people. You can even find some people who will inspire and motivate you to get fit and have a healthy diet.

10. Reward yourself.
Indeed starting a healthy diet is difficult, especially if eating without control has been your habit since birth. However, you don’t need to totally go hard on yourself. It’s okay to punish yourself to discipline it, but don’t forget to also reward it for its achievements. You may give yourself some rewards for every milestone you achieve. For example, if you can maintain a healthy diet for six days straight, you may treat yourself with a tasty chocolate on the seventh day. You may also set a cheat day to satisfy your cravings. However, even if it’s a cheat day, remember to consume any food moderately.

Eating the right foods does not only help you lose weight but it can also reduce your risk to diseases, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. The way you eat is a reflection of the love and respect you have for yourself. It also manifests your love for others because when you’re healthy and well, you are giving your family, friends and loved ones a peace of mind.

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