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10 Of The Best 7-Inch Inseam Shorts To Beat The 2022 Summer Heat In Style

The best 7-inch inseam shorts expose just the right amount of leg to cool your crotch but cover enough to keep your modesty intact. They fall between the knee scraping 9-inch inseams and the thigh riding 5-inch inseams. The best 7-inch inseam shorts prove you’re confident enough to show off your legs, and what’s more masculine than confidence? Aside from maybe a bountiful, boisterous beard, nothing. 

Men’s shorts have been relevant for years now, meaning you have many buying options, from gym attire to business casual. Countless choices also mean it’s tough to know what’s amazing and what’s meh.

Lucky for you, I have tirelessly sifted through all the best men’s 7-inch inseam shorts the internet has to offer and picked out the best of the best. Check them out, order your favorites, and rest easy.

Our Top Picks

man wearing matching shirt and shorts standing in clear blue water
Wax London SS22

Chubbies was holding it down for men’s 7-inch inseam shorts even during the dark days of the uber-baggy 90s. Chubbies has been short-short heroes for decades, and these bad boys are their star performers.

The 3% spandex makes these shorts the ultimate pair for comfort and versatility. They’d look at home on the golf course, kill at brunch, and still make it home in time for Sunday night football. All that, and they come in half a dozen color staples like khaki, navy blue, gray, and black. 

They all have silly names like “The Dark N’ Stormies” and “The Khakinators” (come on, Chubbies), but that never stops us from recommending these elevated chinos to anyone who asks.

Material: 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex | Style: Chino | Sizes Available: 30-40 | Colors: Many block colors | Care: Machine wash

What we like

  • Old reliable short shorts brand
  • Pure versatility
What we don’t like

  • Please, just call them khakis

There is no denying Vuori’s Banks shorts are the star of the 7-inch inseam shorts in the athleisure scene. Not only does the breathable, quick-drying recycled polyester make them a workout essential, but loungewear lovers will greet them with open arms thanks to their insane level of comfort. 

These shorts contain at least four bottles worth of recycled polyester and have deodorizers to mitigate gym-time sac stank. With 18 different colors and patterns to boot, you’re almost guaranteed to find one you love. Maybe buy a few, though, because you might never want to take them off.

Material: 45% Recycled Polyester, 45% Polyester, 10% Elastane | Style: Activewear | Sizes Available: XS-XXL | Colors: 18 different options | Care: Machine wash

What we like

  • Environmentally conscious
  • Built-in ball deodorizers
What we don’t like

  • Won’t work for business casual

J. Crew is another fashion hot-shot that added elastane to transform their old lines. These aren’t just khakis anymore; they’re stretch khakis. That stretchiness makes these shorts so much comfier. 

J. Crew has long been a preppy wardrobe staple, and these stretch khakis look to expand on that. These stretchy shorts are perfect for business casual days, a trip to the bar, or a quick gym trip in a pinch. We wouldn’t go running for hours in them, but they at least give your legs the range of movement they need to get in some squats.

Material: Cotton/elastane | Style: Flat front | Sizes Available: 28-38 | Colors: 12 block colors | Care: Machine wash

What we like

  • Uses eco-friendly cotton
  • Elastane makes for comfy khakis 
What we don’t like

  • Better Cotton Initiative is not better than organic cotton

Sensible fashionistas adopted the most practical piece of clothing there is from the military cargos. Now that they’re cool again, you no longer have to bother a purse-wearing significant other or leave extras at home. You’re good as long as your pockets don’t look like chipmunk cheeks.

They market this pair as fishing shorts (probably because they can fit a “beverage” in the front pockets), but you can wear cargos anywhere. Add a bucket hat with these cargos to go full-fisherman and enjoy the peak of summer fashion; hot dad chic.

For other looks like this, check out more of our favorite cargo shorts.

Material: 100% Cotton | Style: Cargo | Sizes Available: S-6X | Colors: Teal, Red, Beige, Black, Navy, Khaki | Care: Machine wash

What we like

  • Pockets roomy enough for “beverage” cans
  • UPF 50 sun protection
What we don’t like

  • Do our clothes really need sunscreen?

Mesh shorts are a must for any closet, and Uniqlo makes one of the best. Their ultra-stretch active shorts DRY-EX technology isn’t just a marketing buzzword. It works incredibly well and keeps your shorts from becoming a horrendous ball-sauna mid-workout.

The days of workout clothes being frowned upon in public are over (at least covid gave us something good), and these are the perfect shorts to take advantage of that. They don’t look like mesh basketball shorts at first glance, and that’s the beauty. They look good enough to wear almost anywhere – calling them business casual pushes it. 

Material: Polyester (40% Recycled) | Style: Activewear | Sizes Available: XS-3XL | Colors: Black, Beige, Navy | Care: Machine wash

What we like

  • DRY-EX technology is a game-changer
  • Just under 25$
What we don’t like

  • A faux fly would add versatility

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Nike took the prize for best running shorts. They’ve been Twitter’s favorite shorts for a few years, and it looks like that will repeat for years to come.

This specific Nike short is particularly worthwhile. 

These running shorts come in bright neons and have reflective bars, which are valuable features for dusk and dawn runners. They also have a liner that keeps your junk in place on long runs; it won’t be bouncing about on every stride anymore. The liner is comfy, too; it won’t feel like you’re wearing your childhood bathing suit.

Material: 100% Polyester (50% Recycled) | Style: Running | Sizes Available: S-XXL | Colors: Black, Gray, Blue, Neon Pink, Neon Green, Aquamarine, Salmon | Care: Machine wash

What we like

  • Breathable mesh liner
  • Zippered pocket
What we don’t like

  • Popular = can sell out quick

Stretch chinos are the new masters of multi-tasking. Like the Chubbies that won the overall best shorts, the 2% spandex construction is vital. The bit of flexible freedom opens things up for these chinos, yet they feel just as strong and soft as a 100% cotton pair.

These men’s 7-inch inseam shorts function well and look great anywhere. They’re perfect for Fridays at the office, and if you forget your gym shorts, the spandex lets you take these out for a workout or biking session. The main difference between these and the Chubbies is that these aren’t quite as comfy (they are cheaper, though). 

Material: 98% Cotton, 2% Spandex | Style: Chino | Sizes Available: 30-44 | Colors: Navy, Khaki, Maroon, Baby Blue, White, Beige | Care: Machine wash

What we like

  • Saltwater washed for softness
  • Classic block colors
What we don’t like

  • A black option would be nice

Jorts have long been infamous in the men’s fashion world, but as of 2021, they’ve made a comeback. Not only is Levi’s an old staple, but they last forever. They might be divisive, but you’ll look undeniably confident by rocking a look many people are scared to touch. A Canadian tuxedo will only amplify that.

Levi’s has been making the best denim for over 150 years, so they’re our go-to. Plus, legend has it that every time a guy buys his first cut-off jorts, John Cena lands a new acting role. Now that’s something worth fighting for. 

Material: 99% Cotton, 1% Elastane | Style: Straight cut-off | Sizes Available: 28-38 | Colors: Dark wash, Light wash, Black | Care: Machine wash

What we like

  • Quality, durable build
  • Provides an air of confidence
What we don’t like

  • They’re still jorts

If you’re the type who usually flees from in-house department store clothes, now might be the time to fold. Goodthreads shorts are cheap as hell, but there’s a lot more to love than the price. 

Amazon’s fashion is finally worth buying. They’ve added the handful of elastane that’s become a comfort staple, they’re made from quick-drying woven nylon, and they come in nearly a dozen beautiful block colors and patterns. Basically, you can wear them everywhere, from backyard barbecues to city strolls.

Material: 95% Woven Nylon, 5% Elastane | Style: Flat front | Sizes Available: 28-42 | Colors: 11 Colors and patterns | Care: Machine wash

What we like

  • Bargain prices
  • Near high-end quality
What we don’t like

  • Baggier than they look online

For good reason, Tommy Hilfiger is one of the most beloved names in the fashion world. Their best 7-inch inseam shorts stay true to the ever-important trifecta of looks, comfort, and quality, and these swim trunks fall right in line.

Hilfigers are among the cushiest swim trunks we’ve ever worn. Also, the US flag colors don’t dominate them like Tommy tends to love. These trunks are a must-have for guys who love fun pattern options and want threads that will last.

Material: 59% Cotton, 37% Polyester, 4% Lycra | Style: Swimwear | Sizes Available: XS-XXL | Colors: 15 Beach-ey patterns & prints  | Care: Machine wash

What we like

  • Not dominated by Hilfiger marketing
  • Beach-friendly prints
What we don’t like

  • No pocket zippers

What to look for in 7-inch inseam shorts


Style is the most important thing to consider when shopping for a new pair of men’s 7-inch inseam shorts. What’s the best way to find the proper styles for you? Scroll back up and read through to find out, and be sure to check our guide to “the best men’s shorts” for more wardrobe help.


The right material can mean the difference between true swamp-ass and a slightly damp bottom. Cotton is classic and makes for cozy clothing, and most companies are opting to add a little elasticity.

What it really comes down to is preference and utility. You shouldn’t use khakis as gym shorts; save those for work. And you won’t be wearing mesh to chat with your boss. If you need any more help, our guide above should have you covered.

Man wearing matching shorts and shirt sitting on rocks
Bound / Summer in Alfama


When you don’t feel like window shopping for hours, sometimes it’s tempting to go back to your favorite brands. You can always count on sites like Chubbies, J. Crew, and Uniqlo (among others) for the best of the best shorts, no matter what inseam length you need.

But if you are into window shopping, maybe try some newer names. There are plenty of amazing brands like Vuori and Goodthreads flying under the radar, so be open-minded.


    • This answer might shock you, but mens 7 inch inseam shorts are (gasp) 7 inches. Yes, you read that right. It’s 7 inches from the crotch’s end to the opening of the pant leg. That’s what gives them their name. The same rule goes for 5 inch and 9 inch inseam shorts.

      • 7 inch inseam shorts are a safer alternative to the (arguably) trendier 5 inch inseam shorts. This inseam length is great for tall guys who want to show lots of leg, and more conservative men not sold on the shortest of shorts will be happy taking baby steps with this length. 

        If you don’t want damn near your whole thigh showing but want to stay looking like the cool kids, 7 inch inseam shorts might be for you. 

        For a length description, see the previous question.

        • Height

          When styling 7 inch inseam shorts, your height is the first thing to consider. Should you even be wearing 7” inseams? This length is perfect for tall guys who want to flaunt their goods and average height guys (5’ 9” in the USA) who want a trendy look with a little more coverage than 5 inch inseams provide. You should probably avoid this length if you’re under 5’ 5”. If not, you’ll look like you’re on your way to a 2002 Limp Bizkit show.


          Fit is next, so make sure you aren’t buying shorts that make you look like a toddler raiding his dad’s closet. Big and baggy is the cardinal sin of shorts these days. Think Kevin Smith any time you’ve ever seen him. If you have thinner legs, go for a slim fit. Thicker guys will want a “classic” or “relaxed” style. 


          Loafers are about as formal as you should go to avoid looking like a confused yacht-club dad. Remember that the laid-back nature of shorts makes them look absurd with anything too dressy. And please, don’t wear socks with those loafers.

          Sandals are great for keeping cool and always work with men’s 7 inch inseam shorts. Adding socks can be a great addition. No, you didn’t slip into a parallel universe. The great lock-down of 2020 flipped the fashion world upside down, and socks with sandals have been gaining traction ever since. Tall socks with sandals look great and can help fight the evening chill of spring and summer. Plus, you can get some pretty impressive patterns.

          If you’re wearing sneakers, stick to no-show or ankle socks. That way, you won’t overheat your lower half.


          Tops are pretty versatile, but again, dress down. Patterned button-downs with non-patterned shorts are popular right now, and you’ll always look snazzy wearing a combo of block color t-shirts and shorts. Just make sure not to wear battling patterns on top and bottom (i.e., plaid shorts with a striped top, etc…); duos like that are hard-pressed to ever be in style.

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