#Xenophobia: ‘If you want war, we’ll give you war’ – Nigerians begin retaliation in South Africa (Video)

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#Xenophobia: 'If you want war, we'll give you war' - Nigerians begin retaliation in South Africa (Video)The Xenophobic attacks against Nigerians in South Africa is gradually degenerating into an all out war as Nigerians in Johannesburg have began retaliatory attacks this morning. In this video going viral on social media, a Nigrian man with an Igbo accent is heard saying,  ‘If you want war, we’ll give you war. Who be South Africans sef’ and he’s seen weilding a metal rod and other weapons alongside other Nigerians.

This will not end well. Looks like Nigerians are now retaliating in #JohannesburgCBD. If there is leadership in this country, they should stand up now & fix this!#Xenophobia #SAShutdown #shutdownsouthafrica pic.twitter.com/uXsZQvLZ4z— Solomon Harudzibwi (@S_Harudzibwi) September 3, 2019Funny thing is that if Nigerians in South Africa decides to fight back, believe me South Africans will leave South Africa.#SayNoToXenophobicAttacks #SayNoToXenophobia pic.twitter.com/6pawA2ZB8k— U J A M S (@Mazi_Ujam1) September 3, 2019




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