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What’s The Real Meaning Of Meltdown By Travis Scott? Here’s What We Think


Since the release of “Utopia,” Travis Scott fans have theorized that track seven, “Meltdown,” is about Kylie Jenner and her rumored new beau, actor Timothée Chalamet. During Scott’s first verse, the Grammy-nominated rapper spits bars relating to chocolate and Willy Wonka. “Chocolate AP and chocolate the Vs (Vs), got the Willy Wonka factory (Vs),” he says. Of course, fans will recall that Chalamet is set to star as the titular “Wonka” in the upcoming film. Scott then seemingly takes a swipe at Jenner by telling her to find someone better: “Bun an athlete like it’s calories, find another flame hot as me, b***h.”

In response to the shocking diss, one fan tweeted, “Never in my life would I’ve thought to witness travis scott dissing timothee chalamet.” Another fan poked fun at the situation, by posting an old video of Chalamet rapping. “Oh travis scott better watch his back bc Timothée could eat him up if he wanted to,” they wrote. Back in March, Jenner and Chalamet made headlines after a source told Us Weekly they were getting to know each other. “Kylie thinks Timothée is really sweet, and she does see potential,” they said. The insider also explained to the news outlet that, while the two were forming a connection, Jenner was leaving the door open for a future reconciliation with Scott. “Part of her dating Timothée is in hopes of moving on from Travis, but that hasn’t happened yet,” they added.

whats the real meaning of meltdown by travis scott heres what we think



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