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What is a Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator, and Where Can I Find it?

Benjamin Franklin once said, “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

It is said that one should research extensively before making an investment decision. Future financial planning takes a lot of work and knowledge. Therefore, it is advisable to have access to reliable resources and information before making any decision on the matter.

When you think of fixed deposits, you might recall your family discussing them when you were younger. Although fixed deposits may appear to be a difficult subject, in reality, they are not. Opportunities are scarce, particularly those related to sustainable finance management. Knowing the best method of investment ensures that you do not miss out on any potential ones. And understanding how a fixed deposit interest calculator works can be the first step in that direction.

What is a Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator?

A Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator is an efficient tool for calculating returns on your investment. It considers the principal investment, the interest rate, and the duration of the fixed deposit. A Fixed Deposit Interest calculator is a simple tool that allows you to compare which banks offer the best interest rate on your Fixed Deposit maturity.

Using a Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator, you can calculate the compound interest you would earn on your investment over terms ranging from 7 days to 10 years. It will ensure that you are making the best investment decision possible.

How To Find Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator Online?

A Fixed Deposit interest calculator is very easy to use. These are easily accessible through the online portals of insurance companies. Here’s how you can find and calculate using them online –

Step 1: Search for an FD interest calculator online.

Step 2: Enter your principal amount, interest rate, and tenure.

Step 3: The maturity value and interest returns will be displayed on the screen.

How Does Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator Work?

A Fixed Deposit Interest Calculator calculates the investment’s maturity value based on three factors. These variables differ from person to person.

Formula to calculate FD maturity amount –

A = P * (1+ r/n) n*t,

A = Value of Maturity

I = A – P

P = principal sum

r = interest rate

n = compound interest rate

t = number of years

I = total interest earned

Here is an example to better understand how a fixed deposit maturity amount is calculated –

Suppose you deposit Rs. 50,000 that is held for three years at a quarterly compounding interest rate of 10%; then the interest earned at maturity would be:

A= 50,000 {1 + (0.1/4)} ^ (4 * 3)

A = 50,000 (1 + 0.025) ^ (12)

A = 50,000 (1.025) ^ (12)

= Rs. 67,244 (approximately)

CI = Maturity Amount – Principal Amount

CI = 67,244 – 50,000

= Rs. 17,244

An online Fixed Deposit interest calculator works on the above-mentioned mathematical formula.

What is a Fixed Deposit?

A Fixed Deposit or FD is a financial tool that allows you to save money. A Fixed Deposit can be used for a variety of things. It can help you save for your dream home, set aside money for your child’s future, or be prepared for financial emergencies. Owning a fixed deposit account can benefit you in a variety of ways.

You can open a fixed deposit account for as seven days to 10 years, depending on your convenience and financial goals. You can choose to receive the maturity value regularly or all at once at the end of the term. However, if you decide to withdraw funds from your fixed deposit account prematurely, some banks levy a penalty.

How Does a Fixed Deposit Benefit You?

  • Your returns are guaranteed regardless of market fluctuations in interest rates.
  • The interest rate is dependent on the term plan you select.
  • The terms of FD are flexible. You can open a fixed deposit account for 7 days to as long as 10 years,
  • To maximize your returns, it is suggested that you go for a longer tenure.
  • You can choose to receive the maturity value regularly or at the end of the term.
  • Senior citizens can earn high returns as the interest rate set for them is comparatively higher.
  • In case of an emergency, you can borrow against your fixed deposit account.

Due to the advent of the internet, you can now conveniently find and understand the functionality of a fixed deposit interest calculator.

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