Welcome to Children’s Fairyland, Oakland’s Storybook Theme Park!

It’s like Disneyland in Oakland. For babies! Who knew?

Connor Claire had so much fun at Fairyland yesterday. Among the things we learned, we learned that she loves puppet shows and sits attentively through them, and we also learned that she loves ducks! She met a cute duck couple named Valentine and Lucky and didn’t want to leave them.

Do you have this one in a 7?

If you ever make it out to Oakland, and you’re traveling with little ones, Children’s Fairyland is a fun stop. If Connor has her way, we’ll definitely be going back.

Where should we start? Connor, lead the way! Freaky… Oh, my gosh, is that gnome blowing bubbles!? I hear the Yellow Brick Road is this way. Ponies! Look, Mom! They have a hill like we do at home! I hope I have a green thumb. Whee! What a pretty flower! The puppet show starts at 11, and they’re doing the Three Little Pigs. Once upon a time… Bravo! Good job, everyone! I’ve never ridden train before. That boy looks like he’s having fun… This is so exciting! Wow! I think I see a tumbleweed… Snack time! Does this train stop in Novato? I’m not tall enough for the merry-go-round yet… Maybe next time. Catch me if you can! Yay! I’m out of the maze. I did it!

It was a ton of fun. It’s also right next to Lake Merritt, which is surrounded by a beautiful park and near lots of shops and restaurants.

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