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Water Baby in Training

mom connor pool 2

I’m starting to lose track of time… Not that I was great at keeping track of it before, haha! But the hours have been blending into each other, because when you’re at the pool, and you’re splashing around, time feels slow, but fast at the same time. It’s weird.

I was hoping that Connor would like the water. She’d never gone into a pool or the ocean before this trip… Well, we took her to Ocean Beach in SF once when she was about six months old, but she squealed and kicked when her toes touched the water. It was cold and gray, though. Not like the ocean here.

They have a really cool baby pool at the resort that’s shallow for the little ones, and the bottom of the pool is sandy. It’s a sandy bottom, and I brought the baby there yesterday.

I mean, it would have been fine if Connor wasn’t into it, but she laughed and smiled and played and had a good time.

I had a good time yesterday, too. I just hung out with El Hub and my brother all day long. We left all of our crap in the hotel room with my mom and dad, and then went to the pool. There are a bunch of pools on the property, and we went to the one with the water slide and — OMG! — these amazing hidden hot tubs with huge waterfalls.

mom connor pool

mom connor umbrella

rose beach

When the hot water comes down over the rocks, and you stand underneath it, the water hits your back like a poor man’s shiatsu massage.

Anyway, we stayed at that pool for hours, and then got shave ice after that. It was like 12-year-old life all over again.

It was like grownup life after that, though, on the beach last night, because we cracked open a bottle of rosé…

Actually, we twisted off the cap. It was a very classy bottle of $11 rosé. And that just led to adventures untold.

orange clouds

red clouds

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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