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Video: The Story of Katana Swords in WW2

The Story of Katana Swords in WW2
The Story of Katana Swords in World War 2

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This living sword has seen a lot of wars over the past 1000 years. The spirit of the Katana was alive in World War II, and experienced good and bad memories. During the war, Japanese officers were required to wear a sword as a last resort. However, the majority of those swords were not pure katanas, instead they were made using modern steel in Japanese factories.

During the war, katanas were used to execute prisoners who were caught as a spy or intruder from the US & Allied forces. At that time, executing a prisoner with a Katana sword was supposed to be most humane way to kill a prisoner. However, on the other hand some reports suggests that many high-ranking Japanese officers committed the suicidal ritual, seppuku, when they heard Japan was defeated.

After the Allied victory, the American occupation force completely banned the manufacture and possession of swords until 1953. In addition, many American soldiers took katanas back home with them to the United States.

By 1960, the katana was nearing extinction due rapid westernization. Hence, the Japanese government established “the Society for the Preservation of the Japanese Sword” in order to protect the katana and many more traditional Japanese weapons.

Today, even after the globalization, the spirit of the katana is still watching us, its spirit constantly tempting people to hold it.


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video the story of katana swords in ww2

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