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Video: How Expensive is a Katana Sword ?

How Expensive is a Katana sword ?
Why Japanese Swords is So Expensive ?

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Katana” is a Japanese word that means “long-sword.” It is also known as the Samurai-sword. The katana is a blade with a little curve, a single edge, and a very sharp point. It originated before 10th century. The swordsmith Amakuni is considered to be father of the katana when he developed it for the emperor during a period of war. Katanas weren’t just weapons, they were also a symbol of honor, which were given by feudal lords to Samurai warriors. According to custom, the katana must be worn on left side. When used correctly, it allows you to split a single human hair in seconds. When not in use, these swords were respected, and kept on a sword stand called a katana-kake. In the 11th century, its popularity expanded to neighboring Asian countries, which resulted in them being heavily exported to China.

In the ancient era of Japan, there were a lot of swordsmiths who were producing katanas of various qualities. But some swords were made with great passions, and were an extremely high quality. However, many swords were of average or poor quality.

During the Edo-period, to ensure high quality, katanas had to pass an “official sword-testing department” set up by the government. A master swordsman would test a blade by slicing through the bodies of executed and possibly live criminals piled on top of each other. A katana with better slicing performance received government recognition and brought a lot of wealth to blacksmith.

Given its long history and high quality, it is no surprise that a lot of wealthy Japanese own katanas. Even today they are still considered as symbols of honor and pride.

But when you want to buy a good-quality katana, it may cost you between $4,000 to $30,000 dollars. And if you think that’s too costly, then you’ll be surprised to hear that a Kamakura blade from 13th-century was recently sold for $418,000. But perhaps it’s not that crazy because, according to legends, a well-crafted Japanese sword could dispel evil, is a symbol of purity, and can be worn to fend off evil spirits.


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video how expensive is a katana sword

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