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Using CBD For The Treatment Of Mood Disorders And Sleep Disorders In Older Adults

using cbd for the treatment of mood disorders and sleep disorders in older adults

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Getting older is always accompanied by a decline in mental and physical health. While the changes are inevitable, there are effective ways and means to stay in shape and be at peace at any age. Taking care of mental and physical health have become a priority to older individuals in the wake of increased awareness regarding the importance of maintaining a healthy and balanced lifestyle at all ages.

With age, many happen to go through the loss of loved ones and experience immense grief that may alter their state of mind in an almost permanent way. Social isolation, loneliness and resultant depression may also serve as contributing factors to the decline of mental health in older adults. CBD has shown promising results in the treatment of such mood disorders by interacting with the receptors in the brain responsible for the regulation of mood. CBD can promote mental health by reducing stress, increasing mindfulness and improving cognitive function. All these are deciding factors in keeping the person in a good mood through and through.

With increased age, many complain about decreased sleep and reduced sleep quality. The end result is an unproductive day spent feeling tired and lethargic. The causes of decreased sleep quality can be a change in sleep patterns as we age. In addition to this, some prescription medications and medical conditions can also contribute to the lack of sleep in older adults. Most people resort to prescription medications to induce sleep. This approach would work until it gets addictive or you develop heavy dependency on the ingredients of the medication, leading to further complications. Most prescription medications can also cause an eventual decrease in sleep quality as a result of long-term use.

CBD therapy can be an effective solution for sleep issues in older adults. CBD is known to induce a state of calm in its users, leading to them falling asleep naturally. Long term use of the compound has been linked to better quality of sleep, which is ideal for older individuals who may have had their circadian rhythm disrupted due to various reasons. Regular CBD use can help avoid the use of prescription medications to induce sleep and to increase sleep quality.

Older adults are more prone to mental disorders and sleep disorders due to their age and ailments. CBD can be of great help to them, without causing any substantial side effects.

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