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Usher Reveals Heartwarming Connection with Beyoncé During Childhood

In a recent interview with Roman Kemp, renowned singer Usher shared an intriguing anecdote about his connection with global superstar Beyoncé during their childhood. Usher, known for his soulful voice and chart-topping hits, revealed that he once had the privilege of babysitting Beyoncé before she rose to fame as a member of Girl’s Tyme.

Usher’s revelation came as a surprise to many, shedding light on a lesser-known chapter of Beyoncé’s early career. “Fun fact, I knew Beyoncé when she was 12 years old, 11 years old,” Usher shared with a smile. “She used to be in a group by the name of The Dolls. I don’t know if I could consider myself their babysitter, but I had a time where I had to watch The Dolls.”

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The story unfolded when Usher first encountered Beyoncé and her group members while they were recording at the renowned producer Daryl Simmons’ house. Simmons, who was working with The Dolls at the time, welcomed Usher into the studio. Little did Usher know that this chance encounter would lead to a unique role in Beyoncé’s early life. “[Simmons] was working with [The Dolls] at the time, and I just happened to be over there, and they were working on a session. I kind of found my way into being their like, I don’t know, chaperone, nanny, or something like that—the oldest person in the room,” Usher revealed.

The fact that Usher, who is only three years older than Beyoncé, took on a protective role during their time together speaks volumes about his character. Despite their close age proximity, Usher felt a sense of responsibility towards the young and talented Beyoncé. It’s heartwarming to learn that even at a young age, Usher looked out for her.

This revelation comes on the heels of another light-hearted moment involving Usher and Beyoncé. In April 2023, Usher played a playful April Fools prank on his fans during his Vegas residency. He pretended that Beyoncé had made a surprise appearance for a special performance, leaving the audience in awe. This incident showcased Usher’s admiration for Beyoncé and his desire to collaborate with her someday.

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The news of Usher’s connection with Beyoncé has captivated fans and media alike, sparking conversations about the early days of these two musical powerhouses. The story adds another layer to the already fascinating journey of Beyoncé’s rise to stardom.

Usher’s revelation about his connection with Beyoncé during their childhood provides a heartwarming insight into the early days of these two music icons. Usher’s role as a babysitter and mentor to Beyoncé showcases his caring nature and demonstrates the importance of supportive relationships in the music industry. This heartwarming story adds another layer to the fascinating journey of Beyoncé’s rise to superstardom, leaving fans eager to learn more about the bond between these two talented individuals.

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