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US-Based Nigerian Dancer Korra Obidi Speaks Out Against Anonymous Reports to Child Protective Services

Korra Obidi, a Nigerian dancer based in the United States, has taken to social media to express her frustration over anonymous people reporting her to Child Protective Services (CPS) and accusing her of neglecting her children. This is not the first time that Korra has been targeted by such reports, and she is now speaking out against the harassment.

As a single mother of two, Korra has been dealing with the challenges of parenting alone for the past few months. In January 2022, Korra and her ex-husband, Justin Dean, were banned from posting photos and videos of their children, June and Athena Dean, on the internet, according to court documents.

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In a recent video on Instagram, Korra revealed that she has been reported to CPS for the second time over allegations of neglect. Despite her insistence that she is a good mother, Korra is facing a relentless campaign of harassment from anonymous individuals who are determined to take her children away from her.

Korra wrote on Instagram: “They called Child Protective Services to take away my kids. Some of you people have been reporting me to CPS and trying to make me look like a bad mother. For some reason, I don’t know why you are doing something like that, but the more you do it, the more you are gonna destroy your own life, in Jesus’ name. Everything you do against me will be done to you in multiple folds. People will take your children from you in Jesus’ name.”

Korra’s case is not unique, and many parents have faced similar harassment from anonymous individuals who report them to CPS without evidence. The impact of such reports can be devastating, both emotionally and financially, and it is essential that parents are protected from false allegations.

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In conclusion, Korra Obidi’s case highlights the need for greater protection for parents against false allegations and harassment. As a society, we must do more to support single parents and ensure that they are not subjected to unfounded attacks on their parenting abilities. By speaking out against this type of harassment, we can create a safer and more supportive environment for families.

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