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Urban Decay’s The Velvetizer Instantly Transforms Base Makeup Finishes Into a Velvety Satin

urban decay velvetizerThe new Velvetizer from Urban Decay is available now exclusively at Sephora ($34 for a 0.28-oz. jar).

At the risk of totally dating myself, one of the old-school makeup tricks we used back in the day was to dust a little loose powder on my lips after applying lipstick. I’d dust it right on top with a finger (or, if I was feeling extra fancy, a brush!) to transform any lipstick finish into a matte.

It’s a similar idea to how the new Urban Decay The Velvetizer works.

Velvetizer is a loose, translucent powder ($34 for a good-sized 0.28-oz. jar, a Sephora-only product). You mix a little with your favorite tinted moisturizer or foundation, and it instantly transforms the finish into a velvety satin without futzing with the color.

urban decay velvetizerA translucent, loose powder

The trick is getting the ratio right of powder to liquid, and it can take some practice. I’ve found that if I add too much powder, the mixture will pill up, almost like it’s peeling.

This isn’t a big surprise, considering the fact that the second ingredient is dimethicone, and products with a lot of dimethicone in them do tend to pill up when I use too much on my skin.

It’s not a perfect science. I just kinda eyeball it, but Urban Decay suggests using a dime-sized amount per full pump of foundation or tinted moisturizer, but I rarely use a full pump of my base makeup anymore. So I use more like a half a dime-sized amount.

I shake it into my palm, add a bit of Naked Skin One and Done, mix them together with a finger, then apply that with a Real Techniques Buffing Brush.

urban decay velvetizer ingredientsIngredients

If you do see any pilling, just pat it down with your fingers until it blends into your skin (and use a little less next time).

Because the powder thickens liquids you mix it with, you get fuller coverage, too. When I use Velvetizer with One and Done (which is about medium coverage), the final effect is closer to full-coverage foundation.

I think it’s cool, albeit a bit gimmicky. It gets the job done, but I mean, if you want a full-coverage matte foundation, just use a full-coverage foundation, ya know?

It’s a Sephora-only product, so you’ll have to trek to Sephora if you want to play.

And easy TJ’s lunch

The sampling section at the Trader Joe’s in my ‘hood is THE BEST. Mind you, it’s no Costco, where you can get a full-on meal just walking around for 15 minutes, but I learn all kinds of neat food hacks for TJ’s fare.

trader joes carrot spirals lunch

Like this one here, which is my new top easy lunch: TJ’s Carrot Spirals with a Veggie Marsala Burger Patty. Combine equal parts Mango Ginger Chutney with plain yogurt, and add it on the side as a sauce.


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