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Twitter reacts to the 2019 Oscar Nominations

Twitter reacts to the 2019 Oscar Nominations

Marvel’s mega-blockbuster Black Panther set a new bar for comic-book movies by scoring a whopping seven nominations including Best Picture. While it could be easy for some to dismiss Black Panther as just another superhero movie, the cultural impact on the importance of representation it had cannot be overstated. “All told, Black Panther‘s greatest legacy may not be what it’s done for Marvel, Hollywood, or box office records, but what it’s done for the culture,” Vox writes. “In Wakanda, which offers much to marvel at for audiences of all backgrounds, black viewers in particular have found a cultural oasis that feels like nothing we’ve seen before.”

Although the groundbreaking celebration of black culture made Oscar history, the reactions to its Oscar love were more diverse than the cast. “Prediction: it will be a very long time until another superhero movie is nominated for Best Picture (and if Black Panther 2 doesn’t make the cut, it’ll be a lot longer)” Indiewire senior film critic David Ehrlich predicted.

On the other hand, the Internet has this take you can enjoy. “How the hell is Black Panther nominated for best picture when it’s just a mediocre super hero (sic) movie. One of the most overrated movies this generation. If the Dark Knight couldn’t even get nominated, Black Panther shouldn’t even be in this discussion,” @mebboss wrote.

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